Carrying a Pistol with a Bino Harness

A man using his binoculars carrying a bino harness with a pistol holster attached.

Carrying a pistol while also using a binocular harness (aka “bino harness) can be challenging, but with the right approach, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of both. However, combining these two elements requires consideration of balance, weight distribution, and ease of access to ensure both pieces of equipment can be used effectively.  Overview…

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Why I Never Mountain Bike Without a Gun Holster: An Outdoorsman’s Perspective

close up of a Gunfighters Inc chest holder on man on his mountain bike

As a seasoned mountain biker with experience traversing through various terrains and encountering unexpected challenges, I’ve come to value preparedness and caution. Each turn in the trail, steep descent, or daunting hill climb teaches me something new, particularly about the unforeseen risks lurking in the wild, serene landscapes.  Among the essentials packed for my biking…

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IWB vs. OWB Holsters

Iwb vs owb holsters

A holster is an essential accessory for safely carrying a handgun anywhere. It not only helps in the easy and lawful carrying of the weapon, but it also makes sure you can quickly access the weapon when needed. A good holster can mean the difference between success or failure in a life-threatening situation, so it…

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Car Gun Holster Guide

Car holster guide

If someone is habitual in carrying a gun, he/she will want to carry it everywhere. You have holsters that can be worn and carried around all day, but what about when you are driving? I’m sure everybody understands that pulling a handgun out of an IWB/OWB body holster is not an easy task when you…

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Gun Holsters for Bigger Guys

Gun holsters for big guys

Carrying a firearm safely and inconspicuously is not very difficult these days. With a ton of different holster options out there, there are hundreds of options to choose from. This choice is wide and versatile if you’re a regular-sized man/woman.  But what if you have a bigger waist circumference? That extra weight around your belly…

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Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster Guide: Everything You Need to Know 

Concealed carry shoulder holster

Let us face it. Shoulder holsters are one of the coolest-looking holsters on the market. Wearing one strapped to your shoulders instantly elevates your style, but wearing a shoulder holster is more than just looking like a badass. For concealed carry, shoulder holsters are an ideal alternative to inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), pocket carry, and…

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How to Zero a Red Dot

How to zero a red dot

Red dot sights have transformed shooting, not only in the competition arena but also for personal protection. Regardless of how a shooter plans on using their red dot sight, the first question they have is, “how do I zero a red dot sight?” Keep reading for how to accomplish this critical first step.

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Getting a Mag Pouch for Your Belt

Magazine pouches lined up

Unlike movies, in real-life combat situations, carrying one or several extra-loaded magazines can prove to be extremely helpful. While a law enforcement officer or soldier can carry extra mags openly with dedicated gear designed for holding them. Civilians using their handguns for CCW or EDC will have to look out for magazine pouches that suit…

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Gun Holster Materials Guide

Gun holster materials guide

The sheath is as old as the sword, and the holster is as old as the gun. Since handguns have come into existence, the need to carry them safely and promptly has been felt. So holsters were invented to solve this issue. Ranging in design from a simple sewn bag to an ultra-fast draw design…

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How-To: Fishing with Gun Holster

Fishing with a gun holster

When you are casting a hook in a remote lake or river bank at the crack of dawn, you want to feel at peace and protected from the dangers that may lurk around the bend. Whether it is an armed thief or a mama bear protecting her young, having the right personal protection tools can…

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Firearm Hearing Protection Guide

A 9mm round shot from a firearm creates almost double the sound as the recommended safe hearing levels. Even small caliber weapons like the .17HMR and .22lr create similar noise levels, and you can now easily comprehend what bigger calibers sound like. 

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