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While not offering the customization options that a Custom Kenai Chest Holster offers, for our customers who aren’t picky and want their holster fast this is a great option. We stock holsters for the most popular firearms from Glock, HK, Ruger, Smith and Wesson and many others.




36 reviews for Ready to Ship Kenai Chest Holsters

  1. Tim Barbee

    I purchased one for my Colt 45 Commander so i could carry it more easily when i deer hunt. Love it. works great. I am going to buy one for my Ruger GP100 357 magum with 6 inch barrel.

  2. Rusty Diamon

    Mine arrived in the mail today. My initial impression was favorable, with the holster and harness appearing to be everything I expected. Trying to put the two together made me feel like an idiot, but I had it under control in a short time. Just to be safe, I put identifying marks on the buckles to assure that I could quickly put everything back together properly with very little thought required. Adjusting the harness was a piece of cake, and I had it set to a comfortable fit in no time. The only problem I ran into was that once I had inserted my pistol, hearing the audible click when it was fully seated, I had a very difficult time getting it back out. The fit was obviously too tight. The trigger guard area seemed to be the culprit. The holster was formed to slightly bulge into the gun’s trigger guard to provide retention. To remedy this minor issue, I carefully applied heat with a hair dryer to the area covering the trigger guard. I then inserted the pistol about a quarter inch short of fully seated. After the holster cooled, I tested the fit, and found it to be perfect. I could quietly draw the pistol using two hands, but could still quickly draw it onehandedly with a rapid tug. I felt lucky to have achieved the desired results after one try, having fully expected to attempt this adjustment multiple times. My idea was to progress slowly and carefully. After the minor pistol fit was complete, I wore the holster and gun throughout the day while doing chores on my property. It was comfortable, secure, and met all of my requirements. At no point during that time did I feel that the pistol was in the way, nor did I worry about retention. All of that, and it was still instantly available if needed. This holster gives me the impression that I will wear out before it does.

  3. Charles Stigall

    Received my “Ready to Ship” chest holster very quickly! Ordered on 2/19 and received it on 2/22! I was very impressed with the fit for my S&W Pro Series Model 686, gun slid right in and trigger guard retention is very good. Straps were pretty fool proof on how to set them up making for a comfortable fit. The instructions point out the wrong and right way for straps plus the videos on the web site are informative. Good job guys!

  4. Mike Munis

    Purchased a few months ago. Very impressed with the fit and functionality of the holster. Easy to draw the firearm, but you never have to worry about it coming out on it’s own. Like it much better than the leather brands. Very easy to care for, and weather poses no problems at all. If you want the very best, then look no further than the Kenai chest holster!

  5. Mark McCoy

    Ordered my holster on Monday and it arrived on Thursday! Unbelievable customer service! My Smith and Wesson 586 fit like a glove with the perfect amount of retention. Very comfortable. I am extremely impressed and will be ordering more products in the future. Thanks

  6. Ed

    All it was advertised to be. I had a long search for this holster. I run a uncle Mike’s rig with two holsters for hunting but wanted the 7 1/2 1976 Ruger Blackhawk off my hip while carrying the rifle hunting. I looked at a lot. Tanker holster was fine but tough with a long barrel and would still be in the way at times. The kenai arrived and had it on as soon as I got home. Little practice and it adjusted right up and was comfortable! Even with the big ole Blackhawk in 45 LC stuffed in it. Locked it right in tight. Easy to grasp and fast to pull with one hand or two. Stays out of the way. You guys nailed it. Take it from an old cowboy. This is a great product.

  7. Randy Schneider

    impressive! on and adjusted in 2 minutes. This is the ticket for the outdoors! No more pants sagging or pressure from seats in the rzr , yet a secure feeling that I am not going to loose it in activity! Nice job guys!!!!

  8. G.Scott Gregg

    I recently purchased the Kenai holster for my Glock 20. It arrive very quickly. As far as fit it fit perfectly. Im a big guy and it even fit with extra clothing. It works great while hunting, backpacking, in the backcountry, and just everyday carry. Its Awesome! I’ll be ordering for anther one of my carries.

  9. S.Smolski

    I just received my Kenai holster for my Ruger GP100. I fit perfectly as right out of the bag. It is far more comfortable for me to carry and does not pull my trousers down as it did with a belt holster. It is even more comfortable wearing than a shoulder holster I use for my 9 mm. I like the fact that I can wear this holster, carry my rifle, and wear a backpack all at the same time. No idea why I did not purchase this sooner. Just ordered myself an ammo carrier for it.

  10. S . Simril

    The Kenai chest rig is all that . I ordered one for a 16 round capacity 45 acp service pistol , it is large and heavy.
    Too heavy for the hip holster . Received it very quick too .
    The rig allows me to not worry bout walking around and banging on things in tight spaces . The fitment was perfect . I will be doing future business with this company. They’re highly recommend!

  11. Eddy Wells

    Bought one to fit my Ruger Blackhawk. Got it to see if this is better than a shoulder holster to use while hunting. This is so much better than any other holster I have tried. I love it. Easy to get adjusted. Easy to draw from and very comfortable to wear. Very secure, no worries of falling out but yet easy one hand release.

  12. Jeremy Greene

    Have this for S&W Shield since July 2019. Received quickly. Have used on several backpacking trips. Works for maintaining weapon custody during chores where the pack and/or the belt are dropped throughout the day, with no handling. Rides cooler than Hill People Kit Bag. Loop above upper buckle fits a small belt-clip type OC can OK for weak hand use. (Would like similar placement and draw for bear spray.) Lower edge of kydex is sometimes a bit sharp against the body. Knuckles contact lower strap/buckle on draw and angle of hang isn’t quite consistent (possibly due to scaling down the holster to this small pistol.) Upper triglide slips. Overall I don’t have a better holster solution than this and would buy more but my other handguns aren’t listed.

  13. Glenn Wood

    I have three of these. That must say something. I will be getying more. Be aware it is noisy to draw from. You can not do it slow amd easy. I flipped a motor boat a few weeks ago. In water where i needed help. I had a ruff time getting on top of my alum. flat once i had swim with it long enough to be tired. After all this I Had a good way to single for help with my 2.5″ GP100 on my chest.

  14. Paul Linville

    I purchased a Ready to Ship Kenai Chest Holster for my Sig Sauer P-224. It is a cut down model of the P-229. Although they did not have one that was already form fit to the 224 I was told that the holster for the 228/229 would work. I took the chance and I am glad I did. It has taken a weight off my waist and placed it on my shoulders. Just like a load bearing vest. Wow!! I have already practiced several times and the draw is smooth and easy. I will be getting a couple more and I will also tell people I teach at the range about this holster.

  15. Kurt W.

    Just received the Kenai Chest Holster for my Ruger Blackhawk .44 mag. What a great product. It fit great right out of the package with only a few minor adjustments. I wore it for about an hour the first time out and hardly noticed it was on. Will definitely be buying another for my 1911.

  16. Jeff McCallum

    First, what a great company!!!! I got this rig for a Super BlackHawk. Big heavy revolver. Carries like a champ!!! Great attention to detail, quality straps, easy to fit and simple to wear. Perfect for carry in a truck. Thanks for the great holster and top notch service!!!

  17. Chris A.

    I just got back from an alpine fly fishing trip in grizzly country. I hiked in several miles with a Ruger Redhawk in my Kenai chest holster. This holster could not have worked better and carried surprisingly easy. Could not be happier with the quality of this holster and the customer service I received from everyone. Thank you Gun Fighter Inc. for making such a great product, I will for sure be ordering holsters for some of my other guns!

  18. Sunny

    We own property in rural Central Texas and our work days there always include a lot of bending, twisting and plenty of sweat.
    Feral hogs, coyotes, snakes and documented thievery guarantee that we are always carrying our firearms. I started out wearing an OWB holster and then moved to a drop leg holster, but the heat, wearing a belt and all the dirt and weeds that collected in my holster did not create an ideal situation.
    Being a viewer of “Alaska the Last Frontier”, I had noticed Atz Lee wearing a chest holster. I thought it was something I would like to try, but I didn’t really want a leather holster or the price that came with it.
    Fast forward to an internet search that directed me to I ordered a custom Kenai chest holster for my Walther PPQ M2. I was concerned how the holster would fit the female anatomy but it sits perfectly and doesn’t interfere with “the girls”. The Kydex holster is a perfect fit for my gun. The retention is excellent and there is a distinctive click when it is properly holstered. The harness was easily adjusted and is extremely comfortable. There is absolutely zero pressure on my shoulder and this holster stays put.
    In conclusion…A+ !!! Get yourself a Kenai Chest Holster!

  19. Danny

    Best chest holster on the market, hands down. Super comfortable and extremely well made. Got one for my .357 Magnum and I couldn’t be happier with it. The materials are fantastic and well worth the money. Super easy to adjust and fits perfectly. Great customer service and very friendly. If you need a chest holster, do not buy from anyone but GunFighters Inc.

  20. S. Simril

    I order the first Kenai rig for a large 45acp service pistol , FNH-FNP. I liked it so much , I ordered 2 additional shells for 2 more pistols . If your looking for a chest rig for hiking, camping, hunting and such activity . Or just because of comfort and speedy access to the firearm , look no further .

  21. Will

    Fits my 1911 like a glove, very well made, love the color, fits my frame (body) really well..very happy with my purchase.

  22. James Lively

    I have wanted a Kenia holster for my Glock 20 for a while….I own several Ronin holsters for various firearms…my wife bought the Kenia for my birthday…very pleased!

    Took it out for a hog hunt and it performed perfectly …Exactly what you would expect from this company.


  23. John J Pendergast III

    Received mine for S@W Gov. Finish and fit were done well easy to strap on!!
    Thank You

  24. Jeff Miller

    Order date 6/15, received 6/17. Set up took five minutes including folding and securing the excess of strap material. Fits my s&w full sized well; mine has a thumb safety which needs to be off in order to fit in the holster properly. I am very happy with the product received and fits comfortably, the draw stroke makes sense.

  25. Scott T.

    I have been searching for a good chest holster from my SW 44 Mag N-frame for quite some time now. Not only did I find a good holster, this is a “Great” holster. The pistol fits like a dream in the Kenai Chest Holster, retention and draw were perfect out of the box, although it is adjustable if needed. The harness is comfortable and causes no restrictions to movement. My research left me with 3 reputable and quality companies to choose from…went with Gunfighter Inc and I don’t have one regret. Vet owned/Vet friendly company…another A+
    I work with vets on a daily basis and will definitely recommend these products without any reservations.
    You will be taken care of by their friendly and competent staff. BTW, since the product was so well made, I bought a shell for one of my Glock semi-autos…same perfect fit and function. When my three gun enthusiast teenage boys saw how perfect this holster functioned, I’m positive I know what will be on their Christmas list. Thanks Gunfighter Inc. for your quality, excellent customer service, and in my case, being local, as I live in Post Falls Id.

  26. Buck

    Got this holster for for my 500 S&W hiking. Was iffy on spending that much , but would have probably not wanted to carry it with a less comfortable/ balanced holster. Shipping was very fast. Holster works great & is now my go to for a heavy firearms that I’ll carry while hiking.

  27. telemarkskier

    wore it for a week carrying a G40 10mm in Montana while teaching an outdoor leadership course for college students. Carries well under a full backpack, and as comfortable as you can get if you have to have it accessible while wearing a backpack. holds the G40 well, but still draws well. good balance of holding the piece firmly but still allowing a good draw if needed.

  28. Kurtis R. Morin

    I purchased this chest holster for my Ruger Redhawk 44mag several years ago and have hunted Moose with it strapped to my chest every year since. The holster holds my revolver tightly and even in brushy difficult terrain it stays secure while still being easy to draw when needed. I have since purchased additional Kenai holsters for family and hunting partners. I highly recommend this holster, everything about it is exceptional, I am confident that should a bear knock me down I will be able to draw my weapon from this chest holster and use it where a traditional belt or underarm holster would likely be unreachable or deployable.

  29. Tom B.

    I have a Ruger Wrangler .22 revolver I like to carry while fishing and wanted a chest holster for it. Ordered a pre made holster for a rough rider .22 revolver and was a perfect fit. Overall holster is very well made, has excellent retention, and is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

  30. Rocky Harnen

    I ordered one for my Taurus Public Defender which I use for hunting and outdoor activities. The Order was received in a few days.l as advertised. I Wore it the first time and realized the gun was quite loose in the holster. I sent a message to company and received a prompt response with a link to a video on how to tighten the fit. They even offered to make the adjustment for me but I found the video to be detailed enough for me to at least try to adjust it myself. Worked like a dream and fit is now perfect. I will be ordering one for my Glock 27 very soon. Thank you for a quality product and excellent customer service.

  31. Brent Smith

    Bought my 2nd Kenai after I loved my 1st one for a super heavy Glock 40 10mm. My 2nd was for a small edc springfield hellcat. With a loose jacket it could be concealed well. For out feeding cows and working around the house it is a very comfortable alternative to a traditional holster, even for a small edc pistol. I know there are another companies that might make something similar and maybe cheaper but the extra $20-$30 is well worth it to buy the Kenai! Very well built and will last a long time. The extra mag carrier is also worth the buy.

  32. Kevin

    Just got mine for my Springfield XD-M, fits perfectly and I feel much safer while hiking now. Instead of my pistol being in my backpack it is now securely under my coat, far more readily available in case of a problem. Terrifically well made, and I got it in about five days total since it was one of the ready to ship ones. Couldnt be happier and plan on getting more shells for other handguns I have.

  33. Tate Snow

    Just got my Kenai for my M&P 10mm 2.0. Couldn’t have asked for a better holster. Very solid and comfortable, as well as a perfect out of the package fit. Came standard with an optic cut and ready for a threaded barrel. Shipping was incredibly fast, arrived 3 days after ordering to northern Alaska. I’ll definitely be grabbing another soon!

  34. Andrew

    Excellent quality. Received my order fast. The holster provides sufficient retention so that it hold the pistol well but also not to difficult to draw. The straps are wide enough as to not dig in when it is snug. Bought to wear with backpacks and it does not interfere with the backpack chest strap. Will definitely be ordering an OWB soon.

  35. Todd Leroux

    I just received my third Kenai Chest Holster (one for my S&W 500, .44 Magnum, and now for my S&W 10mm). Bought my first one a few years back. I love the quality and how these holsters hold up in all sorts of weather. Living in Alaska, this is my go-to holster whether I am fishing, hunting, hiking, or snowmachining. I have used these holsters in all seasons. Also, I am super impressed by the fast shipping — I received this in just over 24 hours from the time of my order. For getting items in Alaska from the lower 48, that is so rare! Keep up the great work and I’ll definitely be buying several more.

  36. Ryan White

    Just received my Kenai for a Springfield XDM Elite 10mm and the fit is fantastic. It will be perfect for backcountry hunting and hiking here in Western Montana.

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Learn more about the Kenai Chest Holster here. The Kenai Chest Holster is Kydex Chest Holster designed for hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking and more in mind.
What is Gen2?
Gen2 represents a huge advancement in our manufacturing techniques with the introduction of CNC build custom molds. They are machined in-house by our engineering staff.
  • Gen 2 holsters feature a front to back off-set of ~60% front – 40% back. This makes for a flatter and more comfortable profile, particularly on thicker firearms.
  • Rather than being pressed around a firearm replica, Gen 2 Kenai’s are Vacuum Formed around our own custom CNC molds. This enables us to fit a wider amount of model variances and make for a more precisely fitting holster. This also enables us to make the overall size of the holster smaller.
  • The use of CNC also allows us to further control the aesthetics of the holster and makes for even cleaner lines that match that of the firearm. It also allows for the addition less bulky channels for sights, magazine releases and slide stops.
Holsters Available as Quick Ship Items:
1911 Open End (Fits: Government, Commander, Officer, Defender + 6″/Long Slide)
1911 W/Rail Open End (Fits: Government, Commander, Officer, Defender + 6″/Long Slide)
FNH FNS/FNX 9/40 (open end)
FNH FNX/FNP 45 or FNX 45 Tactical (open end)
Glock  17/22, 19/23 or 34/35 (open end)
Glock 17/22/31 w/TLR-1 & 7
Glock 19/23/32 w/TLR-1 & 7
Glock 20/21/40 w/MRDS (open end)
Glock 20/21 w/TLR-1 & 7
Glock 26/27/33
Glock 29/30/30s
Glock 43
Glock 43x
Glock 48
Ruger Blackhawk/Super Blackhawk
Ruger Redhawk/Super Redhawk
Ruger GP100
Ruger SP101
S&W L-Frame (686)
S&W N-Frame (629)
S&W X-Frame (460 or 500)
S&W Shield 9/40
SIG P226
SIG P228
Springfield XDS 3.3″ or 4″
Springfield XDm 4.5″
Taurus Taurus Judge 2.5″ Cyl
Taurus Raging Hunter
Walther PPQ 4″