Design a Custom Kenai Chest Holster

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51 reviews for Design a Custom Kenai Chest Holster

  1. Gary Stanley

    This is a superb holster. Very comfortable to wear and is very adjustable too. Custom fit to my Glock and even custom fit to my added laser/light on the rail. I can draw my weapon and use either the light or laser at night. LOVE IT. Flawless. Highly recommended !!!!
    ~ ONESHOT ~

  2. Floyd Singleton

    Although being a bit pricey and snug for my firearm, I’m very pleased with the holster. I was able to climb, move through brush, and use my rifle with no problems and in comfort.

  3. Jim K.

    Great holster! Perfect fit for my Glock G40. I hunt whitetails in some very thick areas and need to be mobile. This holster is very comfortable to wear all day. I do NOT recommend the spare mag carrier. I lost a full G40 mag on a hunt due to the loose fitting elastic retaining strap. This is why only 4 stars.

  4. Roger

    I needed something that I could wear while working on the ranch …. remember if you have your weapon on a belt It usually goes out of reach if you have to takeoff your pants! This chest rig make it to easy to get in and out of the truck… Without your side arm and getting caught up in the safety belt . This rig is so comfortable that you don’t even know you have it on and that is the biggest compliment anyone could ever give to a weapon retention system! I thought it was brilliant the way they have the mag released half exposed so you can’t remove your mag without removing your weapon from the holster .
    The mag release is totally protected in will not release prematurely it seems they have fixed that problem from that other review if was actually a problem??
    This is a extreme game changer specially if you’re trying to do work but maintain your safety!
    I have a Glock 40 MOS.

  5. Wesley lowe


  6. Grant Rich

    For several years I tried using waist , shoulder under arm holsters ! None worked comfortably ! My chest holster is out of the way , easy to get to and very comfortable even in warm weather ! Many thanks ! It works great when driving in the desert with my 4point harness on ! ?


    I purchased one of these Kenai chest rigs a few months ago for my 1911 colt commander .
    ive finally got it fitting the way it feels the most comfortable, but ill prolly change it again. I trimed a bit of excess strap off and still have plenty. i took the rest and looped it back in and around the buckles so i can still readjust it if i wish. depending on which coat or T shirt im wearing at the time. I ordered a custom version with the cloth covered front for quietness as ill have a Badlands bino harness on over it. I decided on getting one of these because with a backpack on you cant have your pistol on your belt, the waist belt of the pack is in the way. under your arm , the shoulder strap from the back pack is in the way. it took “about” a month to get it, hey – it takes a bit for them to make it,, so , no worries from me. I did need to use a hair dryer on it to Relax the retention on the trigger guard as it took both hands and alotta effort to pull my pistol out, if you do that, dont over do it. mine now pulls out nicely but still requires some elbow grease to pull out. I dont want it falling out by itself, so i left it a hair tight.
    all in all – this is a sweet set up, im getting a 629 fairly soon.
    so, ill be ordering yet another one of these Kenai chest holsters.
    All i can say is .. get one, youll be glad you did.

  8. William Compston

    I have about 15 Gunfighters holsters. never really counted but I have a lot. I have never had a problem. made great, fits great, does the job it is intended for. can’t ask for more. hard to get a hold of at times but that’s because they are working to make your holster so guess you can’t complain about that. LOL.

  9. Charles P Scofield

    I have used a variety of different holsters over the years. I have one for every revolver, and every automatic. I truly think in my opinion That these holsters are the most comfortable and the best put together and the easiest access. I have recommended these to many friends.

  10. Brad Puck

    I wanted a holster to for my XDS while going for my runs. Holster shirts don’t have enough support to prevent the gun from bouncing or chafing while running which created a distraction and was uncomfortable. I ordered my Custom Design Kenai Chest Holster on Sun 12/1/19, shipped Tue 12/3/19, received Sat 12/7/19. Went for run this morning and the holster performed exactly as I hoped it would. I could tell I had it on, but the holster rigging was very comfortable and had no restriction of movement. The biggest advantage of the holster is the gun was very secure and did not bounce around or move during the run. I wore a running jacket over the rig and everything worked out great! Excellent product and highly recommend! Will definitely be promoting this product! Thanks for the fast service and Thank You for your Service!

  11. Ben Garrett

    Bought this holster about 3 years ago for my Taurus 44 mag and I can’t say enough good things about it. Securely holds the firearm but also allows for easy drawing if needed. Have used this on all my backpacking trips and have never had an issue with it when scrambling. Going to purchase another as a gift. If you are thinking about getting one, do it, you won’t be disappointed.

  12. Kenneth DeMouy

    Just received my holster in mail yesterday. upon opening I could tell by the material it was well made. Got holster rigged up and holstered my S&W 357. What a difference in having a heavy gun on your side vs the weight being distributed evenly. I live in N.W. FL and poisonous snake are active early season and late when it starts to warm up. They can be found year round as climate is some what cool to mild. I mainly used it for when I go hunting to be protected from the snakes. This rig keeps gun weight centrally distribute. No pulling pants down, no hanging up on brush or stand. Easy to draw bow or aim rifle. Gun is no good if you don’t carry. This rig makes it comfortable to carry all day. If you spend a lot of times out doors or work or live in rural area you need one of these, out of the way for most activities. Best investment. Will be ordering another for my .45

  13. Daniel J Hersrud

    Received my Kenai Chest Holster today. It fits my Ruger GP-100 .44 Special 3″ barrel perfectly. After I got the harness adjusted where I wanted it, it was great. This holster is high quality, very adjustable for different layers of clothing, and holds the pistol snugly, I love it!

  14. Jerry

    Bought my holster just before hunting season last year.
    wanted to try it out before I wrote a review. well, its had some time to get dirty and its awesome. I hunt pretty thick cover and in an area with a lot of bears, cougars and now wolves. I carry a S&W .44 Mag in mine, and with my backpack
    on the system works perfect. It is very easy to access and stays put till I need it. I am on this site today to purchase one for my wife. Great Product.

  15. Mike

    Absolutely outstanding! I purchased a custom Kenai for a Rock Island Armory 1911 TAC and was skeptical about getting a good fit. I asked for a recommendation from Gunfighters and the holster they built me is perfect. Carries a heavy weapon well, high and out of the way, and the fit and finish is impeccable. Seemed expensive until I put the pistol in and carried it. I’ll be a repeat customer is for sure.

  16. Scott

    I have a Glock 20 10 mm, I do a lot of flyfishing in Colorado where I live. I wear waders all day and needed a great place to have my firearm at ready. The kenai holster is the best holster I have ever purchased for my outdoor excursions !! Double thumbs up! Thanks Gunfightersinc !

  17. Greg

    Purchased on the fly for an upcoming trip. Sales department was outstanding and sympathetic to my short time frame. Matt was the gentleman I spoke with and he put great effort into finding me what I needed as soon as possible. Nothing was customized, no bells and whistles. Product arrived in perfect condition and hangs on tight. I am running the Glock 43x as an everyday, and for my outdoor adventures. Great product, great staff , very pleased. Thank you guys!

  18. Brian Swift

    Great holster system. Out of the way but very convenient access. I bought first one For my FNX 45. Holds it securely but easy access and removal. Excellent customer service extremely happy with this purchase and plan to buy another hoster for S&W 29.

  19. James

    I bought this G43X holster for my wife. She also has a 43 frame. Both the 43X and 43 fit well with excellent retention. The fit and finish is high quality. I was most impressed with the combination of non-elastic ballistic nylon and elastics in certain places as well as the wider main support strap which dramatically increases comfort by distributing the load better while allowing for flexibility while moving and bending over. It’s clear that the designers use this product and made a lot of intelligent decisions in it’s design. I already told my spouse she is cleared hot to shop at Gunfighters Inc for
    my future gifts!

    She was looking for a open / understated / concealed carry option when hiking with a backpack with our small children in New Hampshire.

  20. Alecia Warner

    This holster is amazing. For a female hiker who wants to carry while enjoying the outdoors, this holster allows me to comfortably wear my gun for easy access. I was concerned at first on the fit because I have a large chest, but once I fitted it properly it works great.

  21. Greg Lewallen

    Ordered a custom made chest holster. Very impressed with all aspects. Quality holster, quality straps, quality buckles, quality fit.
    Actually forget I have it on, very convertable.
    Will be ordering another for full size pistol.

  22. Monty

    I use my Kenai Chest holster for my Glock 20 almost daily. The holster’s quality, ease of use and comfort is exactly as described by the manufacturer. What I like most about the chest holster is that it does not interfere with the features of my favorite bird hunting vest or backpack. It is also a perfect way to carry while fly fishing brush-choked trout streams in bear country. It’s so comfortable you’ll actually forget you are carrying. GREAT PRODUCT!

  23. Michael O’Brien

    My Kenai chest holster arrived last week for my Glock 19. I am totally amazed at the quality of the holster. It fits great and secures the Glock perfectly. I highly recommend it and purched another holster today.

  24. Donovon Jacobs

    I live up here in Alaska and have used a leather hip holster for hunting in the woods,brush, and getting on and off the boat beach coming and I had a few close calls with my Glock 20 almost falling out of the hip holster while getting off the boat and when walking in the woods and brush it always seem to get caught up on brush and almost falling out of the holster. After I had got one of these kenai chest holsters I had no problems at all with it getting caught on brush or almost falling out, and most of all it is very comfortable to wear all day and it stays right where I need it to be close to my chest so I would definitely recommend this chest holster if you walk in the thick brush or just hiking in the woods or trail.

  25. David

    Outstanding holster and fit

  26. Cameron kelly

    This exceeded my expectations in every way. Usmc veteran and very particular about my gear. Extremely happy with the quality and functionalism of this rig. 10/10 recommend.

  27. Tango Alpha Foxtrot

    Light, comfortable… but most importantly accessible, reliable and secure. I bought the custom for my FNX 45 Tactical. Liked it so much, I bought one for my H&K USP .40. Extra mag pocket is so-so. I chopped mine off. Otherwise, this is a perfect WRP.

    Side note: bought my buddy one in the pink as a joke… He likes it so much he still wears it all the time! No offense to you bitches that like pink.

  28. Roger Fells

    Looks good and practical

  29. David Kiel

    Carry a Dan Wesson Bruin in this holster. Makes the heavy gun nearly unnoticable. Perfect fit. Not a better holster anywhere for any price.

  30. Jerry L Valentine

    The best built chest rig ever made. My team and I have tried multiple chest rigs and this design is superior to them all. Construction is tank tough and the retention stands up to all conditions and applications. We have all transitioned to this set up. Quality and design are flawless.

  31. Justin

    Carry a S&W 460V with extra ammo and don’t even know it’s there because is so comfortable.

  32. Hunter Hartman

    Love this holster. We are in big time bear country and need to be armed. i wear this holster everyday while work. super comfortable and don’t even notice it anymore. Gun has never fell out and super easy to access. Great product.

  33. John J Murphy

    I have one ! Outstanding ! This is #2 and for my wife .

  34. Richard Seaton, Jr

    I have three of these rigs. I like all of them. The draw is faster than any other holster. I like that i can use the belly strap on my pack and still carry a pistol. They are well made and always fit the gun perfectly.

  35. Andrew

    This holster is incredible. I use it mainly for hiking, hunting and mountain biking and it has far exceeded my expectations. I once got knocked off my bike by my dog night riding and as I rolled down a hill all I saw were eyes staring at me from a tree above. As I stopped rolling I was able to instantly draw my G20 and was on target with what I thought was a cougar. Ended up being a raccoon but if it had been a cougar I would have won thanks to the great retention and accessibility of my kenai chest holster.

  36. Nicholas Carrier

    Got this for bowhunting since I have some dangerous critters around. Great product, fits tight and hardly know it’s there. I brought a hang on stand, backpack with gear, and tree trimmers to get ready and had this strapped on and it’s out of the way and not noticeable at all. Very comfortable with great retention. Highly recommend.

  37. Lenny Kriger

    I’ve owned my Kenai cross draw chest rig for a few years now for my “S&W/Model #69: .44 magnum”-“Combat Magnum”. I particularly appreciate it for when I’m driving Late at night…..Long distance. I DON’T mess around while I’m behind the wheel. Especially when my Wife is with me ?

  38. Chris Dunayski

    Absolutely love my chest holder. Fits perfect. They designed it custom for my LAR Grizzly Win Mag in 24 hours! Then Stu hand delivered to me the next day. Unbelievable service and quality!!!

  39. Brian H.

    My only regret is that I didn’t order this chest rig sooner. Probably like a lot of people, I’ve spent untold sums of money trying to find the perfect holster for my application; this is hands-down the best, most functional, and most comfortable way to carry my Glock 20 with TLR-1 HL in the backwoods of the Rocky Mountains, especially since my huge pack’s waistbelt would interfere with a clean draw from a belt-mounted system. Fit and function is absolutely perfect, and quality of materials and craftsmanship is top-tier. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Thank you, Gunfighters Inc.!

  40. William Wiggins


  41. Jason

    Absolutely love it. Ordered one for my new Springfield XDM 10mm Elite 3.8″ didn’t say it worked for the 10mm but it fits perfectly. Will be ordering more holsters from them.

  42. Billyray rose

    Good day i am a North Carolina hunter education Instructor do you have any discount program for instructors

    • admin

      WE sell our gear to members of guidefitter and large discounts.

  43. Rodney

    Had the best costumer service I have ever had. Thanks Stu. Can’t wait to get my product.

  44. admin

    Give us a call and we can walk you through how to adjust it.

  45. Grant

    Epic Holster!
    Most of the time that I spend in the backcountry I am wearing a backpack. Which makes carrying a sidearm on my belt difficult. The Kenai chest holster solved all my problems around carrying a sidearm in the woods. The Kenai works great and is comfortable with or without a pack. The Kenai also is very pleasant to wear and easy to access when operating a vehicle. The Kenai holster and harness is solidly built and has great fitment, retention and adjustability.
    I was leaving for my hunting trip in 4 weeks. When I ordered my holster the lead time was 4-6 weeks. I sent Gunfighters INC a email politely asking them if there was any possibility for my holster to arrive before my trip, and that if it did it would be greatly appreciated. Gunfighter INC came in clutch!!! I had my Kenai in hand a week or two before I left for my trip.
    My one SMALL complaint is that because my revolvers’ cylinder is the widest part of the gun the leading edge tends to dig into my sternum. This is a problem when only wearing a T-shirt, if you have more layers on the problem is eliminated. This is the only issue that I have with the holster. I love this holster and I look forward to wearing it on many adventures to come.
    These guys are awesome to work with and I would highly recommend this holster to family and friends, but not enemy’s because I would not want my enemy’s to have such a nice piece of gear.

  46. Pine cone cop

    Wondering about law enforcement discounts.

    • admin

      Yes, call us @ 509-470-8277

  47. Anthony B Zanni

    Can’t wait use it Bear Huntin.

  48. Nathan

    Absolutely the most comfortable holster that I have ever owned. I will be picking up a few more inserts for sure.

  49. Charles V.

    This chest strap is incredibly comfortable and the holster is a perfect fit. I will certainly be purchasing for several other pistols. The team at Gun Fighters had a small error on shipping and their response was immediate and extremely accountable. I have not had customer service equivalent to this for years, a team of transparency and honesty. Forever customer, great product, much appreciated!

  50. Matt

    Absolutely the most comfortable and secure holster I own! I needed a chest holster that I could wear with a backpack, and I am so grateful that I found Gunfighters Inc and read all of their positive reviews. The quality is first rate, and I definitely got more than I expected for the price. I wear mine while riding my dirt bike through the forest, and I have been amazed at how securely it holds my pistol, even after a major bail… Better than any other rig I have tried. I will definitely will be ordering another. My Ronin is my most comfortable OWB holster too. Excellent quality Gunfighters Inc!

  51. Aj

    Just ordered 2 set ups one for my wife & one for myself just recd them both these past week excellent quality . We will enjoy the backcountry more knowing we have easier access to our weapons. Brought them for this purpose only as we do a lot of hiking, 14ers, hunting etc. the adjustable fit is excellent, the weapons fit snug, the sig a little tight but that’s fine, the Glock is perfect. The harness itself is very comfortable, you barely know it’s on. Highly recommend kenai by gunfighters inc . I will probably order a few more shells to switch out for different environments , maybe a different pistol as well
    Glad I made the decision to get the kenai, I don’t think I would have been happy with any others I ve researched and tried on
    Great product
    Thank you gunfighters inc

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The Kenai Chest Holster was designed as the ultimate way to carry a firearm when hiking, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity.

We settled on a blend of Kydex and Nylon for excellent retention characteristics, weatherproofness and light weight. The Kenai Chest Holster is a perfect pairing with a modern firearm such as the Glock 40MOS or a classic big bore revolver such as the Ruger Super Redhawk.

No mater what you’re doing in the backcountry, the placement of the firearm on your chest helps you to be a hard target anywhere, without compromising on choice of firearm. You can carry as big of a firearm as you’d like with maximum comfort. The centered position on the chest allows for a quick draw from any position, even when wearing bulky winter clothing or seated in a vehicle.

Learn more about the Kenai Chest Holster here.
The Custom Kenai is available for the following Firearms: *Subject to change, some guns may be unavailable.
1911 4″
Sig 1911 3.3
Sig 1911 4.2
Sig 1911 5
Rock Island Armory 2011
Wilson Combat EDC X9
Wilson Combat EDC X9L


2075 RAMI
75 Compact
75 SP-01
75 SP-01 Phantom
P-01 Compact
P-10 C
P-10 F
Super Blackhawk
LCR 357/38
LCR X 3″
Super Redhawk
Security Six
22/45 Lite( III & IV)
Mark IV (Fits II & III)
LCR 357/38
LCR-X 1.87″ & 3″
SR 9/40
SR 9/40 Compact
Judge 2.5″ Cyl
Polymer Judge 2.5″ Cyl
Judge 3″ Cyl
Raging Bull
Raging Hunter
Raging Judge
Large Frame
Medium Frame
Small Frame
Taurus PT 111/140 Gen 1/G2
Taurus 24/7

PX4 45
PX4 9/40
PX4 9/40 Compact
PX4 9/40 Subcompact

Five-Seven USG
Five-Seven MK2
FN 509
FNS/FNX 9 Compact
FNS 9 Longslide
FNX 45 Tactical
Smith and Wesson:
M&P R8M&P 9/40 (4.25″)
M&P 2.0 9/40 (4.25″)
M&P 9/40 Compact (3.5″)
M&P 9/40 2.0 (3.6″)
M&P 2.0 9/40 Compact (4″)
M&P 9/40 Longslide (5″)
M&P 45
M&P 45 Compact
Shield 9/40
Shield 45

1911 .380

40 MOS
Walther CCP
Walther P22
Walther P99
Walther P99 Compact
Walther PK380
Walther PPK
Walther PPQ M1 or M2
Walther PPQ .45
Walther PPQ 5″ Longslide
Walther PPS
Walther PPS M2
Walther PPS M2 Subcompact
Walther Q5
Walther Q5 Match Steel


HK45 Tactical
HK45 Compact
HK45 Compact Tactical
USP 9/40
USP 9/40 Compact
USP 45
USP 45 Compact
USP 45 Tactical
P220 Carry
P220 Longslide
P250 Compact
P320 Compact 3.9″ 9/40
P320 Compact 3.9″ .45
P320 X Carry 3.9″ 9/40
P320 Full Size 4.7″ 9/40
P320 Full Size 4.7″ .45
P320 Subcompact 3.6″ w/o rail
P320 X Five
P365 XL

TP9 Elite


Rough Rider .22LR

EMP 3″ 9mm
Hellcat 3″
XD 3″ Subcompact
XD 4″ Service
XD 5″ Tactical
XD Mod 2 4″ Service
XD Mod 2 5″ Tactical
XD Mod 2 Subcompact
XD Mod 2 Subcompact .45
XDE 3.3″
XDM .45 3.8″
XDM .45 4.5″
XDM .45 5.25″
XDM 9/40  3.8″
XDM 9/40 4.5″
XDM 9/40 5.25″
XDM 10mm  3.8″
XDM 10mm 4.5″
XDM 10mm 5.25″
XDS 3.3″
XDS 3.3″ Mod 2
XDS 4″
Single Action Army
Kahr PM45
Kahr CM9/PM9
KelTec PMR30
K6S .357
Magnum Research
Desert Eagle 50AE Mark XIX (fits all models)
Polymer 80:
Glock 17 Poly-80
Glock 19 Poly-80