Custom Light Bearing Kenai Chest Holster

Starts at $189.00

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All Holsters come ready for Optics, Threaded barrels, and Extended controls.

We’ll have more gun/light combinations coming soon.



Matt M - Oct 14, 2022
Just received my holster for my Glock G40 MOS with suppressor sights, RMR, and Surefire X300U. I wore it around the house for a couple of hours to try it out and it’s perfect for it’s intended purpose which will be backcountry hiking and camping. It’s totally unobtrusive and I can function without having to carry anything on my hip. This holster also works with my G20 and G21. So three pistols for one holster. I still need to test it in the field but I’m confident it will work exactly as I expect and carrying a pack won’t get in the way of drawing from the holster if necessary.
admin - Sep 30, 2022
Give us a call @ 509-470-8277
Mick Pirtle - Sep 01, 2022
I love the chest rig I messed up one of the straps and wonder if I can get one piece thanks, Mick
Brad - Jun 19, 2022
I've just ordered my fourth Kenai chest holster - a light bearing one for a Glock 20 which I carry backcountry hunting. The TLR-1 doubles as my backup light if my headlamp fails. Have carried Glocks, my SW 629 and 1911's in my other three holsters for several years now. It is a lot of webbing but the holster rides comfortably under my FHF binocular pouch and still draws clear with backpack shoulder straps and hydration gear in place. These are excellent holsters and ride more comfortably and reliably than anything else on the market (I have tried them all). Excellent products and a great company to deal with. 5 enthusiastic stars.
David - Mar 22, 2022
High quality product! I’ve had a Kenai Chest Holster for about three years and it’s great. I just got a new Light Bearing Kenai Chest Holster and it feels just as comfortable. If you want a chest holster this is a great product. Wearing it is very comfortable and puts your firearm in a very accessible place especially while wearing a backpack. I have a Glock 20 with a 6” barrel and Streamlight TLR 8 and the Glock 40 holster was the way to go to hold the extra length of the barrel. With a quick snatch the gun will come out but, it’s not likely to ever fall out even if you fall down. Next will be a Spectra Shoulder Holster for my G48!
Keith - Mar 02, 2022
Just got my rig today! In one word, “outstanding “ Workmanship, quality & fit is A #1. So glad I chose the wrap, very low volume click! Love the fact I have a tact light on my favorite sidearm. Most others first didn’t have a tact light option, and if they did they were limited to streamlight only. Almost went with them … but then I found GunFighterInc.

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