Wraith IWB

Minimalist Carry

The Wraith IWB was designed to be a low profile, lightweight and highly concealable holster. It features a rugged and simple clip with special care take to place the firearm in the ideal position for easy draw even with cover garments. Available in both a canted and appendix configuration for carrying in what ever position suits you best.

Innovative Clip

After several years of testing and searching for the perfect solution for a belt loop, we settled on the FOMI clip.The FOMI clip allows for belts up 1.75″, and also has enough spring tension to reliably clip on to most pants and webbing, allowing for a high level of versatility. Running down to the corner store? The Wraith will clip nicely on the waistband of your jeans. Want to run a back-up gun on your plate carrier? The Wraith will slip nicely inside a taco pouch. As with all our holsters, we don’t use threaded fasteners so there is nothing to loosen and fall out. A layer of friction tape is then applied to the inside of each loop to ensure maximum stability and grip on your belt.


We aim for a holster that is comfortable enough to wear all day, and conceals well enough to greatly reduce the risk of printing, provided an appropriate cover garment is worn.

On the Wraith we have carefully balanced sweat shield height to prevent slide wear, pinching or jabbing.

We also pay special attention to providing clearance for your hand to get a solid grip on the firearm without interference of your pants or belt.


We build our Wraith IWB Holster to pass the rigors of running, jumping and other athletic movements so it never lets you down in day-to-day life. We’ve also custom build our molds to balance that retention with a very elastic draw characteristic.

This offers you the peace of mind that your gun is securely retained but will draw quickly and smoothly if needed.

We recognize that both carry positions require different cant angles and adjustments to the holster shape for maximum comfort. We adjust the Wraith IWB accordingly for maximum comfort and concealment.

Custom Options


Have a light on your gun? Custom order your holster to fit popular lights from Streamlight, Surefire and Inforce.


All Wraith Holsters can be ordered to fit popular optics such as the Trijicon RMR, Aimpoint T1, Leupold Deltapoint and many others.


The Wraith is available in hundreds of colors, camo patterns and finish combinations.

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