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Shop Wraith IWB Concealment Holster

The Wraith IWB was designed to be a low profile, lightweight and highly concealable holster. Available in either a 5 o’clock forward canted or appendix carry configuration

After exploring all the possible options for a belt clip, we decided on the FOMI clip. The FOMI is a heavy-duty nylon impregnated clip that allows for a 1.75” gun belt but also has enough tension to clip on to most pants and webbing. The clip also has marine grade friction tape applied to the inside surface to aid in stability.

The Wraith IWB Concealment Holster

Because the Wraith attaches in seconds it’s a highly convenient method of carry. Running down to the corner store? The Wraith will clip right onto your favorite pair of sweats. Want to run a backup gun on your plate carrier? The Wraith will clip nicely into a nylon mag pouch. It’s a highly convenient and versatile holster.

The Wraith is built to pass the rigors of running, jumping or even going hands on with someone. We retention check all our holsters with the real pistol, so you know it’s going to fit perfect and retain your weapon in any situation.

Need your gear now or don’t like waiting? Our quick ship line encompasses the majority of what we offer and ships the next day. However, if you don’t mind a small wait, you can design a custom holster with millions of possible combinations from every camo pattern and color in common use today, or, one of our custom prints. Make it yours.