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The Solace IWB concealment holster is the most comfortable way to carry a pistol, period. Like everything we do, it’s built on our zero-compromise philosophy meaning, that if we can’t do it better, we don’t do it. With the Solace, we did it better and we did it first.

One problem with traditional hybrids is the lack of retention. The gun is just sandwiched between the leather and Kydex with no real positive “click,” just friction holding the gun in. The Solace addresses this by incorporating an internal retention tab that fully encloses the trigger guard and provides true positive IWB quality retention.

The Solace Hybrid IWB Holster

Another problem with traditional hybrids is the size, they’re incredibly large and cumbersome to put on. The Solace solves this problem by moving the clip onto the front shell allowing the overall footprint to be half the size.

After exploring all the possible options for a belt clip, we decided on the FOMI clip. The FOMI is a heavy-duty nylon impregnated clip that allows for a 1.75” gun belt but also has enough tension to clip on to most pants and webbing. The clip also has marine grade friction tape applied to the inside surface to aid in stability

Because the Solace attaches in seconds it’s a highly convenient method of carry. Running down to the corner store? The Wraith will clip right on to your favorite pair of sweats. The Solace can build built forward canted to be worn at the 5 o’clock or in a neutral cant appendix fashion.