GFI Merch

We’re launching a full line of branded and non-branded merchandise.

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Our Products:

The Watch Cap:

Follow the link below to grab your Watch Cap

The Ambush T-Shirt

The Truth T-Shirt

“People with armed security should probably shut up about gun control”Not exactly how we feel – if we wrote what we really thought, we’d probably be charged with obscenity laws and potentially put on a domestic watch list. So we’re playing it safe…

Subtle GFI Logo printed on the back of the shirt.

Squad T-shirt 


Some of our original customers might remember this logo. Reworked and tweaked a bit for this t-shirt. It’s shout out to our company’s military roots for many of our employees and customers – and points to a simpler time when GFI was one dude in a basement cranking out holsters.

Simple T-Shirt

A t-shirt, in subtle colors with our logo on it. Pretty simple.


A hat for all occasions. Subtle GunfightersINC logo. Red, Grey and Black color scheme, matching GunfightersINC brand colors.

GFI Brand Coffee Cup

A Simple 12 or 15oz Coffee cup with our brand logo. No text, just a cool logo to let those fellow GFI enthusiasts know what’s up!