11 Reasons Why Every Gun Owner Needs Gun Safety Training

Gun owners have a responsibility to ensure that they are properly trained and educated in the safe operation of firearms. Firearms safety training provides gun owners with the knowledge and skills necessary to be responsible and safe when using guns. This guide outlines why every gun owner should consider taking a gun safety course, the…

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Gunslinger Guide: Keep Your Firearm Safe With These Weapon Safety Devices

As gun owners, our responsibility extends beyond our personal handling; it’s about ensuring our weapons are secure even when they’re not in our hands. Thankfully, we live in a time when technology can assist us in this task, offering several weapon safety devices designed to mitigate risk and promote safe gun handling practices. The Fundamentals…

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A Guide to Responsible Gun Ownership

Owning a gun isn’t just about exercising your rights; it’s also about acknowledging the serious obligations that come with it. From understanding safe handling practices, to storing guns securely, to knowing the latest local and national laws, responsible gun ownership involves a commitment to both personal safety and the safety of those around us. Basic…

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IWB vs OWB Holsters | Which Is Best for You?

black pistol in camo holster

So, you’ve decided to get strapped. Good choice. Violent crime isn’t going anywhere, and carrying a gun means you’ve given yourself the best means to avoid or survive a violent confrontation. Carrying is a responsibility with very serious ramifications, so you want to be certain you’re not only doing it right, but you’re doing it…

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Why You Should Use a Custom Holster for EDC

You’ve probably noticed that there’s no shortage of options for concealed carry holsters. The problem is, many of them are garbage. Remember the cheap, black nylon one-size-fits-all number with the flimsy, stamped metal clip? Yes, the one you slide your gun into and hope it stays put. This one and others like it claim they’re…

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The Best Way to Carry Bear Spray

Best way to carry bear spray

Bear spray is one of the most effective predator deterrents. It can be used for bears, mountain lions, and other predators. Although bear spray is effective, it’s only useful if it is readily available. Many people carry it in an unsupported holster, on a waistbelt, or even shoved into their pack. There are better ways…

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Why You Should Consider a Chest Holster

Ease of use with chest holster

Are you the kind of person that gets outdoors every chance you can? Do you enjoy the peace of mind of having a firearm with you for self-defense or maybe even to carry your hunting pistol? Rather than fighting a hip holster on the side of your pack and having to worry about banging it…

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Ronin vs Sentinel vs OWB Holsters

Ronin vs sentinel vs owb

When it comes to carrying handguns securely and comfortably, your holster selection is one of the most important decisions you will make. Luckily, there are many different holster designs on the market. These range from shoulder and chest holsters to ankle holsters and everything in between. This article will focus on two of the best…

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How to Keep Shotguns and Rifles Secure From Children

Keeping guns secure from children

An important aspect of gun ownership is the proper maintenance and storage of the guns. The USA ranks first in the number of guns owned by civilians, which was 393 million firearms in 2018. With almost 40 million guns purchased in 2020 according to FBI records, this number is now close to 450 million.  The…

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Women’s Thigh Holster Guide

Women's thigh holster guide

Thigh holsters, also known as drop leg holsters, are one of the most efficient methods of carrying a firearm for both men and women. For women, in particular, a thigh holster can be secure and comfortable, especially when wearing short skirts and dresses. What Is a Thigh Holster? A drop leg holster sits high on…

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Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster Guide: Everything You Need to Know 

Concealed carry shoulder holster

Let us face it. Shoulder holsters are one of the coolest-looking holsters on the market. Wearing one strapped to your shoulders instantly elevates your style, but wearing a shoulder holster is more than just looking like a badass. For concealed carry, shoulder holsters are an ideal alternative to inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), pocket carry, and…

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ATV Gun Holster Options and Guide

Atv gun holster guide

If you prefer to carve your own path through rugged, muddy, and rocky terrain, riding an ATV gives you the freedom to explore and conquer the great outdoors. A new adventure is just a shortcut away with your off-road vehicle. Riding through rocks, ruts, sand, and hills, however, can make carrying a firearm tricky. All…

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Gun Safety While Hiking With a Kenai Holster

Hiking safety with kenai gun holster

Hiking through breathtaking scenic paths and the remote backcountry can be a magical and life-affirming experience, that is, until you are face to face with a two or four-legged threat in the middle of nowhere without any help or protection.

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How to Zero a Red Dot

How to zero a red dot

Red dot sights have transformed shooting, not only in the competition arena but also for personal protection. Regardless of how a shooter plans on using their red dot sight, the first question they have is, “how do I zero a red dot sight?” Keep reading for how to accomplish this critical first step.

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Getting a Mag Pouch for Your Belt

Magazine pouches lined up

Unlike movies, in real-life combat situations, carrying one or several extra-loaded magazines can prove to be extremely helpful. While a law enforcement officer or soldier can carry extra mags openly with dedicated gear designed for holding them. Civilians using their handguns for CCW or EDC will have to look out for magazine pouches that suit…

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Gun Holster Materials Guide

Gun holster materials guide

The sheath is as old as the sword, and the holster is as old as the gun. Since handguns have come into existence, the need to carry them safely and promptly has been felt. So holsters were invented to solve this issue. Ranging in design from a simple sewn bag to an ultra-fast draw design…

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How-To: Fishing with Gun Holster

Fishing with a gun holster

When you are casting a hook in a remote lake or river bank at the crack of dawn, you want to feel at peace and protected from the dangers that may lurk around the bend. Whether it is an armed thief or a mama bear protecting her young, having the right personal protection tools can…

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