The Baba Yaga Ronin

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When John Wick took on the high table, he came to GunfightersINC.

The Baba Yaga cut Ronin OWB Holster was built to Keanu Reeves’s exact specifications for the film.

It’s built in a neutral cant configuration with the battle-cut front shell and a high sweat shield.

The battle cut allows for a faster draw and an easier re-holster under stress.

The Ronin OWB Holster

  • Designed for everyday carry and range usage.
  • 0-degree neutral cant with battle cut
  • Hand-formed Kydex no-slip belt loops.
  • Holster checked with a real firearm to guarantee proper fit and retention
  • Handcrafted in the USA and shipped directly from GunfightersINC.
  • Total

Please Read Before Placing Your Order

Before placing your order, please note that the custom Baba Yaga Holster is handmade to order, and returns are not accepted except in the case of a factory mistake or warranty issue. If you receive your holster and are dissatisfied with the product, reach out to our customer service and we will do everything in our power to work with you until you are satisfied. By clicking "ADD TO CART", you confirm your agreement with this condition. Please watch the video to familiarize yourself with the proper setup and use of the Baba Yaga Holster.

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Tim Lovato - Mar 29, 2024
Received my Ronin Holster. Snug to the body, easily concealed under untucked shirt. Love it!!!
RAYMOND PETERS - Mar 08, 2024
C. Young - Feb 25, 2024
Being 5'7" with a fit Dad-bod-esque build with an extremely short and practically non-existent waist, I've never been able to comfortably and EFFECTIVELY wear a concealment OWB holster and have always stuck to AIWB, even in the colder months while wearing multiple garments. Enter the Gunfighters, Inc. Ronin OWB Baba Yaga. I've worn this holster a few times now and put in a long range training session the same day as posting this review. This holster exceeded my expectations, and then some. I quickly found under a flannel shirt, even buttoned up, I can effectively conceal my Staccato XC while carrying at roughly the 2:30ish position on my hip (which, for me, is the most comfortable. YMMV). Even with my gun being a heavy steel frame pistol, the holster locks my Staccato XC into place with tight retention and a positive "click" as the gun slides into the holster. However, even with this awesome retention, the draw is as smooth as butter, and the aggressive "battle cut" greatly aids in getting the pistol out and "into the fight" lightning fast. The skateboard tape-like material on the hand formed belt loops locks the holster into place on my leather gun belt; allowing for little to no movement. Overall, the fit and finish on this holster is of the highest quality, and you can immediately tell/feel this holster was molded to this specific model of handgun. The attention to detail and craftsmanship are outstanding. For an already sexy gun that is the Staccato XC, the "black dragon scale" pattern is an incredibly sexy design you can't see under the cover garment. This is beyond a shadow of a doubt the BEST OWB holster I've ever owned. I'm glad I discovered Gunfighters, Inc., and I highly recommend their holsters to anyone on the fence about buying one. Thank you, Gunfighters, Inc. for all that you do!
Anthony Davis - Dec 12, 2023
The true measure of a man is how he treats those he doesn't have to treat well. Today I received a call from Henry. I place an order for the Baba Yaga Ronin. The first order was for the Staccato P. The quality, fit and finish were exceptional. I've purchased kydex holsters before, we all have at one point or another. But the fit of theses holsters is beyond compare. The handmade belt loops are revolutionary. Then came the twist I wanted one for the new Staccato P Heritage with a 4.15 inch barrel and a full dust cover. Henry and his team shipped me a holster that he felt was just not up to his standards and didn't meet the full mission statement of his company. A representative of the company called me and refunded the money. Henry called me today to follow up and is now shipping me a new holster that he and his team were working on this past weekend. His attention to detail and the desire to fulfill an order that matches the mission statement of his company is treating someone, well. You don't find those types of people or service anymore; Henry truly went above and beyond. I will highly recommend purchasing products from this company whether it be for EDC or LE.
Dan Halcomb - Dec 09, 2023
I have used alot of leather and kydex holsters in my near six decades of being armed. For kydex, Gunfighters are the best. First, I received the shipping email on Thursday and my order arrived on Friday, near 2/3 of the way across the U.S.A. The Baba Yaga Ronin went on it's first test ride Saturday with a full size Walther PDP Pro. It sits in the perfect spot, pulls tight right under the floating ribs, no pressure spots at all, vehicle and restaurant seating access was spot on and a two mile walk with zero movement and no sagging or movement on a heavy leather daily belt with a large weapon. I have other Ronins for a 1911 and the XMacro Sig 365 and Redhawk 4" plus a Kenai for the bear gun. Gunfighters will be my recommendation to all. Worth every penny.
Mark D. Opper - Jul 22, 2023
Ok I sent you a PM with some details but here goes! Buy it! If you OWB EDC this is the best holster to run. It performs flawlessly and is the most comfortable OWB holster, with a natural draw and plenty of retention to keep you confident wherever you may travel. There are a lot of holsters out there, some good some not so good. Choose wisely, your life may depend on it! Awsome CS both times I ordered(Ronin) first time and still run it all the time. Thank you, Mark O.

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