Micro Aggression Thigh Panel


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This panel was designed to fit any of our holsters with attached Malice Clips. If you’ve wanted to run the holster off your hip but don’t want to carry on your chest, this is a great option. Low profile loops sit flat on a variety of mounting surfaces.

THIS IS THE THIGH PANEL ONLY! To order a holster that attaches to the thigh panel, please select a Ronin OWB with Malice Clips.

Thigh panel is 4″ tall by 6 3/4″ wide. Fits both GunfightersINC kydex holsters and basically any other MOLLE/PALs compatible accessory up to 6 3/4″

Ships within 3-6 business days of ordering if ordered as a stand alone item. Otherwise it ships with your holster.


Joshua Philipp - Jul 10, 2021
Ordered the thigh panel and got it within a week, was amazed at the quick shipping. Mounted a pouch to it for a low carry, dumped meds in it and absolutely love it. The rough backing keeps it in place even when running, kneeling etc, and I don't even need to check on it after abusing it during training, it's a wonderful design.
Stan Myers - Nov 13, 2018
This is a very simple, yet, almost perfect solution to packing a handgun on your hip, while wearing a pack with waist belt! I have been trying to modify or attach holsters to backpack waist belts for years, which seem to always ride too high or too far back or interfere with straps. Then, if you take your pack off, you don't have your gun on any more. The Micro Aggression panel allows a Ronin to ride just below the waist belt, yet doesn't ride as low as the typical drop holsters/thigh rigs that seem to hit everything or get in the way. I have one for my Glock 20 and it works really well.

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