Add-on Ammo Carrier for Kenai


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Since we launched the Kenai, people have asked us to create a way to carry reloads for their revolvers. The Ammo Carrier is another product we have designed to make the Kenai more than a holster but a system that you can wear in the backcountry that makes you more efficient.

The Ammo Carrier is designed as an effective way to carry extra ammo on the Kenai straps or your belt, or even a rifle sling. This ammo carrier can be used for carrying reloads for either your revolver or your rifle.

Designed to fit .357/.38 Special to up to .500 S&W. It will also fit most standard caliber rifles such as .223 and magnum calibers, including .308, 30-06, and .300 Win Mag.

It’s built for GunfightersINC, in the USA, with all US-sourced materials. We guarantee that this Ammo Carrier meets the same quality standards as GunfightersINC products.

  • 100% US Made for GunfightersINC
  • Works on either side of Kenai Straps for maximum versatility and comfort. It also works on Belts, Pack Straps and Rifle Slings.
  • Easy attachment.

Ships within 3-6 business days of ordering if ordered as a stand-alone item. Otherwise, it ships with your holster order.


BW Bauer - Jan 31, 2023
I have used every type of holsters over the years, and I now have 4 of these holster. I have heard people say oh plastic, wear on guns, noises, well I spent a lot time in Alaska and Washington back country, and if you happen to have a bear making a run on you don't give a damn if it makes a little noise went you need to draw it, or it has a little wear on the firearm, what you do care about is easy quick smooth draw and easy access, which the holsters I use have the Kenia and the Spectre for my 10 MM And 45's. If there was a way I would post a few pictures that show why you need a easy access and clean operating holster, when a cat made a run on me last summer.
Paul M - Sep 16, 2022
I have searched high and low for a simple and low profile way to carry a few extra rounds on my 357 carbine sling. These are absolutely perfect. I am running a Magpul 1 1/4 inch sling, and these fit like they were designed for that specific size. The elastic is firm and grips tightly enough that I can’t shake rounds out of the carrier. If you are looking for something like this, don’t hesitate! You have found it!
Eric Plantener - Aug 10, 2021
Perfect fit. I bought one of these with my Kenai chest rig. The six fat .45 colt rounds fit like the handshake of an old friend, smooth, firm with no wiggle. Well made, I’m sure it’ll last a lifetime or two. I actually came back to the site store to order one more. Great products. Thanks, GFI.
Jerry Jurgens - Aug 02, 2021
I've never had a holster or ammo carrier that works this great, and feel so good and comfortable. GREAT JOB GUYS
Lonnie Thomas - Sep 17, 2020
Nicely made, holds my .357 shells with no wiggle. Fits very well on my kenai holster. Will be ordering a couple extra for my belt as well. Highly recommend. -Lonnie Thomas Fairbanks, AK

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