Add-on Mag Pouch for Kenai


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You asked for it – we delivered.

After careful testing and consideration, we’ve found the perfect solution for carrying a spare magazine on the Kenai Chest Holster. We experimented with all kinds of Kydex and Nylon pouches and chose this pouch over a ton of options.

It’s a Nylon single mag pouch that fits everything from single stack 9mm magazines to double stack .45 ACP magazines. It even retains knives, multitool, and flashlights.

It’s built to spec for us, here in the USA, with all US-sourced materials. We guarantee that this Mag Pouch meets the same quality standards as GunfightersINC products.

  • 100% US Made for GunfightersINC
  • Integral Webbing/Velcro Strap for when additional retention is required – for instance, when hiking in brush or riding an ATV/Snow Machine.
  • Functions properly with virtually ALL magazines. It also works great with knives, multitool, and flashlights.
  • Works on either side of Kenai Straps for maximum versatility and comfort.
  • Easy attachment.

Ships within 3-6 business days of ordering if ordered as a stand-alone item. Otherwise, it ships with your holster order. 


Bill Hibbs - Sep 20, 2023
Just returned from an Elk hunting trip in Colorado. Wore my Kenai holster with my Glock 10mm on my chest every day in camp and on the trail. We had been told that there was an abundance of black bears in our hunting area. Although we never saw one, my pistol was ready just in case. Before going, I thought I liked the Kenai, but now after wearing it extensively, I love it. It's really easy to wear, doesn't move around and positions the pistol right where you need it when you need it. Great holster and highly recommend.
Joe in Missouri - Jul 26, 2021
Much needed add on for this holster. Get 2 and carry more in your pockets
hezam - Feb 28, 2020
i love this thing
Jim Biggs - Nov 23, 2019
This thing was priced right and did exactly what it was supposed to do. Love it!

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