Concealed Carry While Cycling

Riding with concealed carry

Riding your bike on paved pathways, on your way to work, or on mountainous terrain can be a fun and healthy way to explore your freedom and get some exercise. However, cycling is not all fun and games. When riding a bike, it is important to follow basic safety tips.  Whether on the road or…

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Car Gun Holster Guide

Car holster guide

If someone is habitual in carrying a gun, he/she will want to carry it everywhere. You have holsters that can be worn and carried around all day, but what about when you are driving? I’m sure everybody understands that pulling a handgun out of an IWB/OWB body holster is not an easy task when you…

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Gun Holsters for Bigger Guys

Gun holsters for big guys

Carrying a firearm safely and inconspicuously is not very difficult these days. With a ton of different holster options out there, there are hundreds of options to choose from. This choice is wide and versatile if you’re a regular-sized man/woman.  But what if you have a bigger waist circumference? That extra weight around your belly…

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Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster Guide: Everything You Need to Know 

Concealed carry shoulder holster

Let us face it. Shoulder holsters are one of the coolest-looking holsters on the market. Wearing one strapped to your shoulders instantly elevates your style, but wearing a shoulder holster is more than just looking like a badass. For concealed carry, shoulder holsters are an ideal alternative to inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), pocket carry, and…

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ATV Gun Holster Options and Guide

Atv gun holster guide

If you prefer to carve your own path through rugged, muddy, and rocky terrain, riding an ATV gives you the freedom to explore and conquer the great outdoors. A new adventure is just a shortcut away with your off-road vehicle. Riding through rocks, ruts, sand, and hills, however, can make carrying a firearm tricky. All…

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Stop Using Your Car as a Gun Holster

Gun in glove compartment

Driving a car on a daily basis is an integral part of American life, and so is being aware of safety. According to a recent survey, around one-third of American citizens own a gun, and close to eight percent out of them carry handguns on a regular basis. Putting this car and gun ownership into…

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Gun Safety While Hiking With a Kenai Holster

Hiking safety with kenai gun holster

Hiking through breathtaking scenic paths and the remote backcountry can be a magical and life-affirming experience, that is, until you are face to face with a two or four-legged threat in the middle of nowhere without any help or protection.

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Tips for Finding the Best Custom Gun Holster

Finding the best custom gun holster for your firearm could be the difference that saves your life. These tactical firearm tools are meant to protect your firearm from damage, as well as yourself and others from an accidental discharge of your weapon.

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Firearm Safety Guide for Gunowners

The ultimate intended purpose of a firearm is to kill, and sometimes to intimidate hostiles. With such a thing in your hands, that can decide on the life and death of another person or animal, it is essential to respect it and take appropriate safety measures. 

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Firearm Hearing Protection Guide

A 9mm round shot from a firearm creates almost double the sound as the recommended safe hearing levels. Even small caliber weapons like the .17HMR and .22lr create similar noise levels, and you can now easily comprehend what bigger calibers sound like. 

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