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Holsters for over 1200 pistol and light combinations.

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    What makes a great holster?

    At GunfightersINC, we believe it starts with a design philosophy. Comfort, ergonomics, and durability with a clean aesthetic are the foundation of what we do. We approach every method of carry with fanatical attention to detail and real-world testing to ensure our customers receive the very best holsters made today. We back that up with five-star customer service and a no questions asked lifetime guarantee.

    Hand Made In The USA

    GunfightersINC is a Veteran owned and staffed company. Everything we build is handmade in beautiful North Idaho. In addition to building everything here, we strive to ensure the materials we select are also USA made. Our customers deserve nothing less than the best, made right here at home.

    21st Century Technologies

    We design and build our own molds in house using the latest advancements in SLS, CAD and CNC processes. From the start, every piece of tooling is built to account for the unique characteristics of a weapon, its role, and method of carry.

    Legendary Reliability

    As we’re mostly ex-military, we realize the best way to ensure mission success is to keep the plan simple and easy to understand. We strive to achieve simple, elegant designs that maintain our high standard of comfort and reliability.

    Limitless Customization

    At GunfightersINC, we believe a holster should complement the weapon it contains as well as the end user’s tastes. For this reason, we offer just about every color and camo pattern in use today, enabling our customers to design a piece of gear built to their exact specifications.

    Unique Designs

    We offer unique designs for almost every method of carry there is. Our designs go through rigorous research, development and field testing. Once we’re happy and products are in circulation, customer feedback is then brought into the design process and if necessary, changes are made. Product designs are never finished, only evolving.

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    Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.