Spectre Shoulder Holster Configurator

Starts at $159

(15 customer reviews)
  • The Spectre is designed to be a modernized shoulder holster, designed for all day concealment.
  • Webbing and buckles come in black only.
  • Modular System allows you to choose your setup appropriate to your situation.
  • Subject to 4-6 weeks lead time.
  • Handmade by GunfightersINC in the USA using 100% US made materials


admin - Jun 24, 2022
Email sent.
Kenneth - Jun 24, 2022
I would love to speak to you about your holster. My crew love to ride and carry. We have tried MANY holsters!!!! I think I have an ideal for you product that would explode in the riding community.
Chris Aceto - Dec 11, 2021
The website doesn’t do the quality and comfort justice. I’ve always been a leather snob with holsters but couldn’t find a nice one for my new Canik. I bought this with low expectations. I was surprised big time. The comfort is excellent. The materials are quality but more importantly, they really make sense for the job. Someone put some real thought into it. The Kydex work is also excellent. The geometry also obviously had a ton of thought put into it and really lends to a natural draw. Definitely will buy another. I’d highly recommend it. Well worth the money. Also, had it inside 2 weeks.
Tristen - Oct 26, 2021
I now have 3 of these holsters, so I thought it was only fair to come back and write a second 5 star review. Everything about these holsters is excellent, except one of them was not cut deep enough for my optic. However, they fixed it for free (obviously) and had it back to FedEx the same day they received it. Excellent holsters, and excellent customer service. Unfortunately for my wallet, I'll be buying one of these for every handgun I ever own.
Ty Baker - May 22, 2021
Like most people who carry a firearm daily, I have a drawer full of holsters I like, and could fill my garbage can with the ones I don't. This is the first shoulder holster I have actually liked. My previous experience had been that I'm simply not tall enough for shoulder holsters, as many did not have enough adjustments built in to be anything more than a weird cross draw holster on me. I did cut off 10 -12 inches off each strap of the harness, but was able to get the firearm to carry at a good height, and still be very comfortable. I've worn for a few 8 hour days, driven with it, and find it is much more comfortable than my favorite appendix carry holster, the g-code phenom stealth. If you have read this far here's my tips for proper fitment: while it makes sense to adjust the holster without the firearm initially, (safety first) it hangs differently under the weight of a loaded firearm and to my surprise, more comfortably! So load it up and carry it around the house for a bit before cutting the straps. It took me 4 adjustments to get it perfect, but now it is my favorite and most comfortable holster!
Alex - Apr 28, 2021
Just received mine in the mail at the time of writing this, and wow. Craftsmanship and fit is top notch, the harness is easily adjustable and this rig is VERY comfortable. Super positive retention of my P99 with a satisfying sound to let me know it's not going anywhere, and my mags fit nice and snug in the dual mag carrier. Very easily concealed under a light Columbia jacket or flannel shirt. I highly recommend this, especially if waist carry isn't for you.

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