Kenai Scoped Hunter

Starts at $240.00

(3 customer reviews)

Models: S&W X Frame, N Frame, L Frame,

Ruger RedhawkSuper Redhawk, Ruger Blackhawk/Super Blackhawk 

Taurus Raging Hunter.

More models will be added based on customer demand. 


Kyle - Jan 18, 2023
Great holster for the super Blackhawk hunter and Burris 2-7. Stayed exactly where it should even while dragging out the newest addition to the freezer.
Joe Schwenz Sr. - Sep 26, 2022
I’ve wanted a holster for my Ruger Blackhawk .41 magnum with a red dot scope on it, that would hold the pistol securely on my chest as I moved, walked, climbed, etc. I’ve used a couple of cheap nylon holsters over the years and they never stayed put. They’re swing around, and invariably always ended up under my armpit. I’m very pleased with my Kenai scoped holster! It holds my gun securely, it stays put on my chest, and the materials it’s made out of seem durable. The holster is very well made, the craftsmanship is excellent! All in all, I think this holster was worth every penny I spent on it!
Jeremy Hodskins - Aug 07, 2022
Excellent holster holds gun very tight would definitely recommend fits super Redhawk 454 with Burris scope perfect thanks keep up the good work

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