Kenai Scoped Hunter

Starts at $240.00

Models: S&W X Frame, N Frame, L Frame,

Ruger Redhawk\Super Redhawk, Ruger Blackhawk/Super Blackhawk 

Taurus Raging Hunter.

More models will be added based on customer demand. 


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The Scoped Revolver Holster from GFI is here!!!

After years of customer requests for a scoped revolver holster option that held true to our exceptionally high standards. 

  • Built from .125 thickness back shell with a .080 front shell, resulting in a very stiff holster shell that will hold tight and survive years of heavy use.
  • The scope cover is made from 22 oz HEX70 XL which is a 70 denier nylon designed specifically for high strength, durability, and superior abrasion resistance. This is sewn over a elastic core to give a slight amount of stretch to conform to the scopes shape and position.
  • Large pull tab which is easy to grip, even with a gloved hand. 
  • The cord attaches to the front shell using a marine grade nylon impregnated composite hook (used in sailboat racing) which is hard riveted on, so it won’t degrade over time and is impervious to the elements.
  • Uses a standard 3 point Kenai harness so if you’re an existing Kenai owner, you can order the Scoped Hunter as an additional shell, saving you money.