SureFire Micro Scout Light Pro Weapon Light 300 Lumens (M140A)


Despite its compact size, this little powerhouse delivers an impressive 300 lumens of light output. The inclusion of a parabolic reflector enables the light to project a versatile beam, making it ideal for both indoor and close-quarter use. To ensure reliable performance even in challenging conditions, the Micro Scout Light Pro is equipped with a moisture-sealed design featuring an O-ring that provides an IPX7 water resistance rating. The light body itself is constructed from MIL-SPEC aluminum and undergoes a hard coat anodization process to meet MIL-A-8625 specifications. With a runtime of up to 1.25 hours, the Micro Scout Light Pro operates on readily available AAA batteries. Additionally, the light includes a low-profile swivel mount, allowing you to easily position it in the most advantageous way for your specific needs.



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