SureFire, an industry titan in tactical illumination tools, has an esteemed history of designing rugged, compact, and potent lighting solutions. Originally named Laser Products, the company became so renowned for its superior hand-held illumination tools that in 2001 it adopted the moniker SureFire LLC, a name now synonymous with excellence in tactical lighting.

At Gunfighters Pro Shop, we’re proud to stock a broad selection of SureFire’s combat-proven WeaponLights. Crafted with the needs of professionals on the battlefield, law enforcement officers in low-light environments, and citizens safeguarding their homes in mind, these lights have been a reliable choice since the 1980s. Driven by the need for weapon-mounted lights that wouldn’t compromise shooting speed or accuracy, SureFire pioneered the modern WeaponLight.

The genesis of this revolutionary product line was the SureFire Model 300 WeaponLight. This rugged flashlight mount securely attached existing duty flashlights to weapons and featured a uniquely designed tail cap with a coiled tape switch for remote light activation. This innovative design set a new standard in tactical gear.

SureFire propelled the industry forward by introducing the first modern handgun-mounted WeaponLights – the SureFire Model 310 (3-volt) and Model 610 (6-volt) designed for the Colt 1911A1 pistol. As the benefits of weapon-mounted lights were recognized by the military, law enforcement, and civilian users, SureFire led the progression in the category.

In today’s SureFire arsenal, every WeaponLight, from the best-selling X300 handgun light and the trusted Scout Light family for long guns to the unparalleled XVL2 Pistol & Carbine Light/Laser Module, upholds the standard for what a tactical WeaponLight should be. Every model carries with it a 40-year heritage of innovation and solid engineering.

Explore the SureFire range at the Gunfighters Pro Shop today, and discover how these tried-and-true engineering marvels can enhance your tactical toolkit.