Custom Ronin OWB Holster

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The Ronin is the foundation of the GunfightersINC holster lineup. The Ronin embodies Gunfighters’ core principles of simplicity, ergonomics, and durability in every way possible.

Our base material is premium USA-made .08 thickness Kydex which is hand-formed against the firearm of choice resulting in unsurpassed retention characteristics, a smooth draw, and long-term durability.

Every line on the holster enhances comfort, functionality, or aesthetics so that it not only feels like an extension of your body but looks like one too. Belt loops are hard riveted to the holster and then painstakingly hand contoured for maximum comfort and a perfect offset. No two belt loops are the same, and no threaded fasteners are used in anything we build, so there is nothing to come loose and fall out.

Marine-grade friction tape is then applied to the inside of each loop to ensure maximum stability. The result is a single, indestructible piece of equipment you can bet your life on… we do.

We’re so confident in our gear that we back it up with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Whatever happens, we have your back.

The Ronin OWB, “Outside the Waistband,” is worn outside the pants’ waistband and typically attaches to a belt. An OWB holster is popular for its accessibility and easy, smooth draw.

The Ronin OWB Holster

  • Designed for everyday carry and range usage.
  • 12 degree forward cant aids concealment and reduces printing.
  • Hand-formed Kydex no-slip belt loops.
  • High cut for excellent retention.
  • Handcrafted in the USA and shipped directly from Manufacturer.
  • Total

Please Read Before Placing Your Order

Before placing your order, please note that the custom RONIN OWB Holster is handmade to order, and returns are not accepted except in the case of a factory mistake or warranty issue. If you receive your holster and are dissatisfied with the product, reach out to our customer service and we will do everything in our power to work with you until you are satisfied. By clicking "ADD TO CART", you confirm your agreement with this condition. Please watch the video to familiarize yourself with the proper setup and use of the RONIN OWB Holster.

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Haven - Jan 17, 2024
My late husband bought the Kenai chest holster for my Glock 19 9mm and I absolutely love it! Makes for carrying in hikes easy and comfortable! People always ask me where I got it from and refer them to you! I couldn’t be happier with this holster! Makes me feel like a badass but also makes me feel safer when I’m hiking alone which I do often! Nobody misses it and everybody is impressed with the durability and materials! Thank you for this incredible piece!
Jim Richards - Jul 29, 2023
This company is very good love their product so far I’ve purchased 4 Ronin holster and now ordering 2 more for S&W 22 Mag. I highly recommend Gunfighters Inc for all types of holster.
Darcy Hicks - Jul 10, 2023
I wear my 1911 5" rig to the gun range and folks all the time are asking about it. The holster and the double mag pouch in Kryptec Camo just looks badass and is comfortable to wear. One word of advice for new buyers. At least with my rig I have to press my gun towards the front to clear the retention which is ok but I ordered the holster with forward cant. Instead of wearing my gun at three o'clock I wear it more towards four o'clock for a cleaner draw. Love the malice clips.
bobby mccarter - May 12, 2023
Absolutely perfect fit. Came in sooner than expected, and fits as described. When no one else is making a holster for the 5.7, they did. And they knocked it outta the park. Will be buying more from them, no doubt. Thank you gunfighters
Don - Mar 26, 2023
I love this holster. After going through five others this is definitely my favorite for my commander-length 1911.
Christine - Feb 15, 2023
I’ve been rocking this holster with my Wilson Combat SFX9 for a few months now. Amazing customer service both when I had questions about my order and when the first go was too tight on the retention. It’s a great holster and I’ve been using it a lot for training. The kydex belt loops keep the holster from moving when drawing. I like it so much that I’m ordering one for my Staccato.

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