Ready to Ship: Wraith IWB Mag Pouch for Glock 9/40


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Recently an important customer approached us to apply the KISS principle to an IWB mag pouch. We happily obliged. The result is the Wraith IWB Magazine Pouch for the Glock 9mm and .40S&W magazines.

The Wraith IWB Mag Pouch from GunfightersINC is the perfect accessory to complement your Wraith IWB Holster. Designed with the same principles of simplicity, ergonomics, and reliability, this mag pouch is the ultimate in convenience and functionality. The pouch is custom-molded to fit your specific magazine, ensuring a secure fit and easy access. The belt clip is riveted to the front for secure placement, and marine-grade friction tape is added to the back for stability. With no threaded fasteners, the Wraith IWB Mag Pouch is a single, indestructible piece of equipment you can rely on in any situation. Add it to your carry setup today, and be prepared for anything.

Wraith IWB Mag Pouch Features:

  •  CAD Designed/CNC Cut mold
  • 1.75″ Fomi Clip
  • Fits Glock 9/40 Double Stack Magazines (17/22/34, 19/23, 26/27)
  • Fits Magpul GL9 Magazines
  • Compact, lightweight and slim

Ships within 3-6 business days of ordering.


Donald Capps - Feb 10, 2020
Hey, did you know this rascal works good on a Glock 32 mag too? OutStanding!
Colton Rossi - Jul 17, 2017
Been wearing it for a few weeks now at 11 o'clock, with a Wraith holster. It's a simple, yet well designed mag carrier... Quality is typical Gunfightersinc; Very good. (Just wish it was offered for other platforms aswell)...

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