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$79 - Ships in 1-3 days

These holsters are in stock and are guaranteed to ship within 3-6 business days of ordering. While not offering the customization options that a Custom Ronin OWB Holster offers, for our customers who aren’t picky and want their holster fast this is a great option. We stock holsters for the most popular firearms from Glock, HK, Smith and Wesson and many others. Don’t see your firearm listed? Chances are, we still make holsters for it – visit our custom Ronin OWB Page.

This holster comes with:

  • Forward Cant based on the size of the firearm – bigger gun = less cant.
  • Handformed Belt Loops
  • Black Rivets

2.0 Holsters features crisp lines, tight contours and a smaller footprint. All a benefit of our improved production methods using our custom vacuum molds.

15 reviews for Ready To Ship Ronin OWB

  1. Nick

    I bought this holster on Amazon for my Glock 21, and it has been absolutely amazing. The quality and fit and finish of this holster in my opinion is better than any of the Bravo Concealment holsters I have used in the past. Very durable and comfortable, with the perfect amount of retention. I recommend this holster to everyone I know. Will definitely be purchasing again for all my other handguns.

  2. James Tinner

    Bought this for my Glock 26. Incredible product, perfect retention. I recommend this holster to everyone I know that carries.

  3. Henry Torres

    Been wearing a Ronin I bought 2-3 years ago consistently in carbon fiber/coyote tan for my Glock 19 and I can say enough good things about it. Its hands down the best holster I’ve seen and used. Love that they are made locally and they’re location are less than an hour away in case I need maintenance. Quality, retention, contoured design of belt loops and holster is outstanding. Its the holster I measure all others up to. I’m also so happy to see they have large diversity of handgun choices for their holsters and I’m going to pick up another for my new PMR 30. 10/10 Extremely recommended.

  4. Victor Trattner

    So far this will be my 3rd holster ordered. Great product and definitely worth every penny!

  5. Steve

    D-Mac turned me on to your holsters. Just got the Ronin 2.0 for the Glock 21. Brilliant! Pulls grip in tight and it makes my rather thick and heavy pistol feel much lighter. My new EDC rig. Great value; couldn’t be happier. Thanks!

  6. Jim

    Amazing holster. Love the little details such as the grip tape on the belt loops and the beveled edges. Has a nice cant for easy draw and conceals very well. Highly impressed!

  7. Konrad Lau

    I have carried the 1911 Government Model (IWB and OWB strong-side) for “winter” dress for decades.
    “Summer” dress dictated use of 44 Special Charter Arms Bulldog Pug, but I was never able to hit well with it much beyond 15-20 feet. Then, I began reading about the current crop of EDC 45s, went to the shop and played with them all, and settled on the XDS 45 with the Crimson Trace Laser Guard sight. That lead to the question of “What Holster?”
    Fortunately, the shop pointed out the Gunfighters’ line. I went with the Ronin and have been wearing it for a year (a summer and winter), daily. I’m now thinking about getting one for my Big Colt (winter is coming). The design holds the grip close to the body and retention is tenacious.
    Great product that I recommend to everyone!

  8. Tj Cansler

    I run this holster with a Glock 19 Gen 3 and Gen 5. I can honestly say that my search for the perfect OWB Holster is officially over. Retention is awesome, rides close to the body, allows for quick and smooth draw, reholstering isn’t an issue and to beat it all, it’s comfortable!! I recommend this holster to anyone looking for a great OWB holster.

  9. Luke Hayward

    I own several ranging from 1911’s to glock 19 gen 4. I won’t use any other holster !

  10. Drew Nilson

    Most comfortable holster I’ve ever used as well as being low profile no no to minimal printing depending on my clothing. Retention is perfect and reholstering is a breeze. Got mine custom made for my FN 509 tactical to accomendate the DPP red dot and light I have attached. Fits like a glove. My second holster I’ve ordered, my first was a IWB for my Glock 27 and liked it so much got the Ronin for my FN. Will be buying more in the future including the chest rig.

  11. Harry Bosch

    I wear this holster daily on the mean streets of LA. It keeps my 1911 protected and at the ready at all times

  12. Todd

    I recently received a Ronin left-hand holster and dual mag pouch for my Gen4 G17, and it’s a perfect fit, with perfect retention! It also works just as well with my Gen4 G19 though the holster is probably half an inch longer than it would need to be for a dedicated G19-built version. The left-hand mag pouch (right hip) is just as good of quality and retention, and comes molded “rounds forward” as you’d expect for pistol mags on the waist. Both ride close to the body and are so far very comfortable. I strongly recommend the Ronin if you’re looking for OWB kydex.

  13. Kurt Weieneth

    Wow, just receive my Ronin concealment holster for a 1911 and it is so comfortable. I love the positive click you feel when inserting your pistol. I am so impressed with the quality, fit and look of this holster. I was really pleased and a bit surprised at how close it sits to your body without digging in. I expect that with my Wraith IWB holster but the Ronin is super comfortable. I also have the Kenai Chest holster and the Wraith IWB. Also, very impressed with the service received and quick shipping from the guys at Gunfighters Inc.

  14. Bryan

    I’m hugely partial to Gunfighters Inc. products! The Ronin for my G17 is fabulous and has served me well through extensive training and also as an instructor! I also have Gunfighters Inc. mag pouches for my G17/19, G43x/48, and G20, as well as my AR–all doubles. Again, perfect. As others have noted, retention is just right. Customer service is top-notch, and now they are based here in Idaho, so I can truly make lives better for my fellow Gem-Staters when I order these, which I regard as the best holsters available.

    One thing I particularly like is that these have rivets rather than any other type of fasteners that can come loose over time. I have had other holsters literally fall apart because the fasteners come out. I prefer the zero-maintenance Gunfighters Inc. products for that reason, among others.

    I own other holsters, but none measure up to these. I’ll be adding one for my G19 tomorrow, and will continue to buy for myself and recommend them to friends and students because I know these products and their creators do not disappoint!

  15. Alan

    Sent my custom ordered Ronin holster in to have the belt clips changed, I was notified it was on its way on the 24th and received it on the 25th. Amazing customer service. this is my 2nd holster, fit and finish are perfect.

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The Ronin is the foundation of the GunfightersINC holster lineup. The Ronin embodies Gunfighters’ core principles of simplicity, ergonomics and durability in every way possible.

Our base material is premium USA made .08 thickness Kydex which is hand-formed against the firearm of choice resulting in unsurpassed retention characteristics, a smooth draw, and long-term durability.

Every line on the holster serves to either enhance comfort, functionality or aesthetics so that it not only feels like an extension of your body, but looks like one too. – Belt loops are hard riveted to the holster then painstakingly hand contoured for maximum comfort and a perfect offset. No two belt-loops are the same and no threaded fasteners are used in anything we build so there is nothing to ever come loose and fall out.

Marine grade friction tape is then applied to the inside of each loop to ensure maximum stability. The end result is a single, indestructible piece of equipment you can bet your life on… we do.

We’re so confident in our gear that we back it up with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Whatever happens, we have your back.

Quickship Items Available for:

1911 Government
CZ P-10 C
FNX 45 Tactical with Red Dot
Glock 17/22/31 (Ronin 2.0)
Glock 19/23/32 (Ronin 2.0)
Glock 20/21 (Ronin 2.0)
Glock 43 (Ronin 2.0)
H&K VP9 (Ronin 2.0)
Keltec PMR30 (Ronin 2.0)
Sig P226/MK25 (Ronin 2.0)
P228/P229 (Ronin 2.0)
P320 Compact 3.9″ 9/40 (Ronin 2.0)
P938 (Ronin 2.0)
S&W Shield 9/40 (Ronin 2.0)
XDS 3.3″ 9/45 (Ronin 2.0)
XDE 3.3″ 9 (Ronin 2.0)
Walther PPQ M1 or M2 (Ronin 2.0)
Walther PPS M2 (Ronin 2.0)

Additional information

Weight 6 oz

Left Hand Draw, Right Hand Draw

Rivet Color



Forward (10-12°), Neutral (0°)