The ultimate duty holster.

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The Sentinel embodies Gunfighters’ core principles of simplicity, ergonomics, and durability In every way possible. It’s designed from the ground up to carry your duty pistol in Extreme comfort. It is a highly versatile system that allows the addition of a tactical light or even a modular thigh platform.

When building the Sentinel OWB Holster, each pistol is scanned into a computer, and then a mold is engineered and cut out on a CNC to our exact specifications. GunfightersINC has an extensive pistol library used to create the molds and test fit every holster. Building our own molds in-house ensures the final holster is made specifically for the host firearm. We carefully consider its size, thickness, and other unique properties when creating the mold for the firearm. The cant angle, sweat shield shape, and overall shape depend entirely on the weapon it’s built to carry.

We build our Sentinel OWB Holster to pass the rigors of running, jumping, or even going hands-on with someone. Every Ronin has the retention set with the real pistol, so there’s no question it will stay put. And when you need it, there won’t be any snaps or straps to deal with. You just pull.

The Sentinel Duty Holster

As standard, the Sentinel comes with hand-formed belt loops like the Ronin. You can also specify the loops to be MALICE clips that are hard riveted to the holster. This allows the holster to run equally well on a gun belt, interface with a MOLLE Battle belt, or attach to our Micro Aggression Thigh Panel and run as a drop leg holster.

Most modern tactical pistols run weapon lights, red dot optics, and in some cases, threaded barrels. The Sentinel is designed to accept red dots and threaded barrels as standard and is available for many popular weapon lights in use today.

Need your gear now or don’t like waiting? Our quick ship line of holsters encompasses most of what we offer and ships the next day. However, if you don’t mind a small wait, you can design a custom holster with millions of possible combinations from every camo pattern and color in use today or one of our custom prints. Make it yours.