SOG Entrenching Tool


Whether carving out a protective trench, clearing a path through dense foliage, or fashioning a snug foxhole for a night’s rest, this folding shovel proves indispensable. Crafted from high carbon steel, its rugged durability withstands rigorous use and harsh conditions. The tempered steel blade, featuring strategically placed teeth, excels at cutting through the wilderness with ease. The compact design ensures it seamlessly integrates into your camping kit or bug out bag, occupying minimal space. With an overall length of 18.25 inches and a weight of 24.5 ounces, the SOG Entrenching Tool, bearing the item number F08-N, boasts practicality and resilience, complemented by a sleek black powder coat finish. Complete with a ballistic nylon sheath, it’s ready for any outdoor adventure.

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