KA-BAR Spork/Knife 3-Pack (Black, Brown, OD Green)


The Tactical Spork is a versatile eating tool crafted from Grilamid, a material approved for use with food and water. This unique spork features a combination of a fork and a spoon, while ingeniously concealing a serrated knife within its handle. To access the hidden knife, simply pull the spork in opposite directions from each extreme end, revealing the blade. It’s important to note that the flat panel in the middle of the spork is actually part of its locking mechanism, so it’s best to avoid gripping it tightly, as doing so can make it more challenging to retrieve the knife. With an overall length of 6.875 inches, a 2.5-inch blade, and a weight of just 0.1 lb, the Tactical Spork is a compact and lightweight multi-tool for your dining and cutting needs.

This 3-pack includes 1 black, 1 brown and 1 OD green spork/knife.

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