MAGPUL DAKA Lite Pouch, Medium


The Medium DAKA Lite Pouch is the latest addition to the well-received DAKA series. This lightweight and highly packable product retains the durability and functionality of the original DAKA pouches while using a more flexible and lighter nylon material. It is perfect for scenarios where weight savings and flexibility are necessary, surpassing a more structured storage solution.

This pouch is suitable for carrying various items, such as electronics and emergency equipment, and can be effortlessly placed within larger storage containers like day packs, hunting bags, or travel duffels. Its adaptable design makes it ideal for backpacking, camping, biking, hunting, and lightweight vehicle organization. The 70D TPU-coated nylon and RF welded seams deliver durability while keeping the weight down. Additionally, the Magpul-embossed injection molded zipper-pull is easy to locate and use, and the carabiner attachment points provide simple and effective security.

The DAKA Lite Pouch is an indispensable accessory for situations where weight is crucial for success.

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