Magpul Industries Gun Parts, Magazines, Slings & More

Welcome to GunfightersINC’s Pro Shop, where quality, reliability, and innovation form the foundation of our product selection. One of our premier Pro Shop brands is Magpul, a brand synonymous with excellence in the firearm industry.

Established in 1999, Magpul has consistently set new standards for firearm accessories and parts, guided by its mission to provide uncompromising, creative solutions to real-world problems. This dedication to innovation is evident in their wide array of products, which include:

  • Firearm Parts: Magpul designs and manufactures a range of firearm parts, allowing you to customize your firearm for practical and aesthetic enhancements. Whether it’s pistol grips, stock systems, or the popular Magpul bipod, each product displays Magpul’s dedication to quality and innovation.
  • Magazines: Known for their industry-leading PMAGs, Magpul offers high-capacity polymer magazines that boast exceptional durability and improved performance, making them a preferred choice for firearm professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Slings: Ensuring the perfect blend of comfort and versatility, Magpul’s slings offer practical solutions for carrying and handling firearms. Their design allows for quick adjustability, making them a reliable choice for varied shooting scenarios.

GunfightersINC prides itself on offering products from top brands like Magpul, ensuring customers access to reliable, innovative, and high-quality Magpul gun parts. Our selection goes beyond just these highlighted categories, with an extensive range of Magpul products to cater to diverse needs.

Choosing Magpul from our catalog means investing in products that align with GunfightersINC’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We invite you to explore our online Pro Shop to discover more about our wide range of Magpul offerings. GunfightersINC—where the selection is vast, the quality is superior, and the service is unmatched.