Springfield Hellcat RDP Holsters

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Springfield Hellcat RDP


Springfield Hellcat RDP

The Springfield Hellcat RDP is a cutting-edge handgun designed for those who demand the most from their firearm. The RDP stands for “Rapid Defense Package,” designed for quick, accurate shooting. The Hellcat RDP features a 3″ barrel, a high-visibility fiber optic front sight, and a U-Dot rear sight that enables rapid target acquisition. It also has a flat trigger that provides a consistent trigger pull and a high-hand grip that allows for a more secure grip and improved accuracy.

The Hellcat RDP was first introduced in 2020, and since then, it has quickly gained popularity among gun enthusiasts and professionals alike. We have a variety of holsters specifically designed to fit the Springfield Hellcat RDP, including the Kenai Chest Holster, Solace IWB Holster, Light Bearing Spectre Shoulder Holster, Spectre Shoulder Holster, and the Wraith IWB Holster. These holsters offer comfortable and secure carry options for the Hellcat RDP, so you can have peace of mind knowing your firearm is safe and accessible.