Joe Hooper | Legend Series


Joe Hooper | Legend Series

On Feb. 21, 1968, Hooper’s squad was northwest of Hue City, South Vietnam. They were attacking a heavily defended enemy position near a 20-foot-wide stream when a hail of gunfire and rockets came down on them from the Viet Cong — guerrilla allies of the North Vietnamese from the south.
Most of the company was pinned down by the gunfire, but Hooper and five other paratroopers weren’t, so he led them across the stream and into the heart of enemy fire, overtaking five enemy bunkers on the opposite shore. Shortly after, the rest of his company saw what they’d done and joined the fight.
Over the next seven hours, here are some of the gallant things Hooper did:
  • Hooper single-handedly stormed three more enemy bunkers and destroyed them with hand grenades and rifle fire.
  • He shot two enemy soldiers who had attacked and injured a chaplain, then took the chaplain to safety.
  • During a sweep of the area, he destroyed three more buildings where enemy shooters had been hiding.
  • At one point, Hooper was attacked by a North Vietnamese officer.
  • Hooper was out of ammo as the enemy tried to escape. But Sgt. Hooper chased him down and stabbed him with his bayonet.”
  • From there, he destroyed another bunker and killed everyone inside who was firing on his fellow soldiers.
  • As his squad reached the final line of enemy resistance, they were raked by gunfire from four bunkers on their left flank. Hooper was able to run along the bunker line through a trench, tossing grenades into each of them. All but two enemy soldiers were killed. He took out two more bunkers after that.
  • Despite having no ammunition left for his rifle, Hooper raced across an open field to rescue a wounded man trapped in a trench. According to Thomas, “I called to him and tossed him a .45-caliber pistol, mentioning that he might need it. No sooner had he caught it and turned than he came face to face with an NVA raising a rifle to Sgt. Hooper’s head. Sgt. Hooper calmly shot the man dead with the pistol, then carried the wounded man back to safety.”
  • Hooper finished taking out the final pocket of enemy resistance by shooting three North Vietnamese officers.

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