Ready To Ship: Kenai Chest Holster for Glock 20/21 or 40MOS or 41

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This holster fits the Glock Model 20/21 It also fits the 40 MOS (10mm). The Glock 41 .45acp will fit in this holster as well. This holster will fit firearms with or without a Micro Red Dot.  It will not fit any other models of Glocks.

 This holster has an open end. The image is picturing a Gen 4 Glock 20 10mm.

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Gordon Hulme - Jun 27, 2021
My Favorite holster for A Glock 21 while riding thru the woods on my 650 Suzuki or scrabbling in woods, excellent retention and harness fit and design. I can put about any good pack over it and yes it can work with many Bino rigs. Perfect quality and safety for that Glock trigger !
Steve Daniel - May 11, 2021
I've wore my KENAI hiking in the mountains, and to the range several times. I love it. After I adjusted it for my size, 6'3" and 300 lbs. It's very comfortable, and secure.
Steve Daniel - May 11, 2021
Last Fall I bought my KNAI for my Glock 20. Instead of Deer Hunting. I had a Knee Replacement. I hung my holster on a peg by my gun chest. This Spring I finally put on my Kenai Holster. Damned comfortable. I'm 74, not too many hunting seasons left, but I'm back to mountain hiking. I'll be ready long before hunting season.
David - Feb 09, 2021
I absolutely love this set up. Comfortable, great retention and looks great also. It fit my glock 20 10mm perfectly. No complaints and definitely worth the cost. Would and will buy again.
Erik Stevenson - Nov 24, 2020
I knew I'd love this holster, so much so I had to have 2. One for my G20 and the other for my G19x. These things hold super tight, and I mean super tight. I haven't hiked or hunted with it, but the fitting alone pleased me with this purchase.
Duke Wavewalker - Nov 18, 2020
Just got it and ran to the Man Cave...thin Kydex, the way it should be. Stitching and rivets are done nicely with attention to detail. G20 fits like a glove, G40 w/ Burris FastFire2 and Dawson suppressor height sights( front is .4 something height") clears nicely. Retention? You ain't gonna have your piece fall out, you do have to yank but that's fine with me. Strap adjustment is easy, gotta play a bit to find your sweet spot. This thing is great. Price is fine...made in USA, Highly recommended!!!!

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