muley freak game changer bino harness


Introducing the “Game Changer” Bino Harness from Muley Freak, designed for the serious outdoorsman with unparalleled features. It has complete protection with its 100% enclosure, shielding your binoculars from all elements. Unlike other harnesses, it boasts no magnets, ensuring zero interference with your compass and GPS devices. With one-handed operation, accessing your binoculars is swift and silent. Its ultra-lightweight design, at just 14 oz for the bino pack and yoke, ensures all-day wear without fatigue. Featuring a low profile, it reduces the risk of snagging on vegetation. Enjoy ample storage with dual front pockets, stretch front, side, and back pockets, and a rear pocket sized for cell phones or Phone Skope, offering abundant space for essentials. Plus, with dedicated pouches including a custom accessory pouch with a bullet holster and a rangefinder pouch, everything has its place. Customize your fit with side wing gatekeepers and MOLLE bottom webbing for attaching additional gear.


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