Ronin Concealment Holster

Be Prepared For Any Situation 

Need a comfortable solution to carry your firearm? Want a holster that’s convenient for EDC, at the gun range, or even outdoors?

The Ronin OWB is the most versatile holster on the market.

Will It Fit Your Gun?

Our holster will fit over 250 different firearms. Select your make and model below to see if we have a holster for yours.

Ultimate Versatility

We’ve been building the Ronin OWB since 2011. From the beginning it was designed to be the most comfortable yet concealable OWB holster available. Over the years we have made refinements but the original concept still stands – an Outside the Waistband holster that conceals like an IWB.The Ronin is one of the best all around holsters on the market. It’s good for everything from daily concealed carry to competition shooting – and just about everything in between.

Firearm Specific Design

The Ronin is comfortable enough to wear all day, and conceals well enough to reduce the risk of printing, provided an appropriate cover garment is worn. Using CAD, we leverage our ability to rotate the firearm in 3D space across multiple planes. This enables us to adjust the relationship of the body to the firearm, eliminating points that may print, tucking the gun into the body as closely as possible, while still maintaining comfort and good draw ergonomics.

Our cant angles, sweat shield shape and overall holster curves are individually tailored for the firearm you choose to carry. This helps pull the grip of the firearm into the body, making concealment with a light cover garment easy.

Positive Retention

We build our Ronin Concealment Holster to pass the rigors of running, jumping and other athletic movements so it never lets you down in day-to-day life. We’ve also custom build our molds to balance that retention with a very elastic draw characteristic. This gives a positive “snap” when the gun is properly inserted into the holster.This offers you the peace of mind that your gun is securely retained and will draw quickly and smoothly if needed.

Hand Formed Belt Loops

Belt loops are hard riveted to the holster then painstakingly hand contoured for maximum comfort and a perfect offset. This holds the holster close for maximal concealment. We don’t use threaded fasteners so there is nothing to loosen and fall out.A layer of friction tape is then applied to the inside of each loop to ensure maximum stability and grip on your belt. The end result is a single, indestructible piece of equipment you know will stand years of hard use.

Custom Options


Have a light on your gun? Custom order your holster to fit popular lights from Streamlight, Surefire and Inforce.

Optic Mounts

All Ronin Holsters can be ordered to fit popular optics such as the Trijicon RMR, Aimpoint T1, Leupold Deltapoint and many others.

Mag Pouches

Need to carry some spare rounds? A matching mag pouch allowing you to carry an additional mag(s) is available.


Want to run your Ronin on MOLLE or PALs gear? You can order it with Malice clips.

Drop Thigh Panel

Want to run your holster off your hip but don’t want to carry on your chest? This panel was designed to fit  with Malice Clips.


The Ronin OWB Holster is available in hundreds of colors, camo patterns and finish combinations.

Will It Fit Your Gun?

Our holster will fit over 250 different firearms. Select your make and model below to see if we have a holster for yours.

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