Wilson Combat EDC X9 3.25” Subcompact Holsters

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Wilson Combat EDC X9 3.25” Subcompact


Wilson Combat EDC X9 3.25” Subcompact

Precision Engineering in a Compact Package

The Wilson Combat EDC X9 family welcomes its latest addition, the 3.25″ subcompact model, setting a new standard for defensive carry pistols. Tailored for rapid handling and discreet carry, this subcompact marvel blends match-grade precision with a design optimized for reliability across a spectrum of 9mm ammunition.

Engineered with a hand-fitted, stainless-steel 3.25″ barrel, the subcompact variant of the EDC X9 exhibits the same level of accuracy potential as its larger counterparts. Our skilled gunsmiths meticulously tune each pistol to ensure unfailing reliability, whether you’re at the range or in a defensive scenario. The robust stainless steel slide is adorned with an advanced black DLC finish, fortified with chromium and tungsten underlayers, ensuring superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Recognizing the diverse requirements of 9mm cartridges, the subcompact slide assembly maintains exceptional reliability, even in the most challenging conditions. Features such as the Tri-Top slide profile, a user-replaceable front sight, a single-lug tapered cone match-grade barrel, and the Wilson Combat Battlesight accentuate its tactical edge.

The EDC X9 redefines the compact 1911 framework with its X-frame design. Crafted from T6-7075 aluminum, this high-capacity frame echoes the size of traditional compact single-stack 1911s but can accommodate up to 18 rounds with the expertly designed magazines from Mec-Gar. The unique screwless grip assembly, secured by hammer spring tension, showcases the Wilson/VZ G-10 starburst pattern for a confident and firm hold.

This subcompact is a marvel of ergonomic design, from its oval-shaped grip to an enlarged trigger guard window, ensuring compatibility across a spectrum of hand sizes and enhanced recoil management. The front and back straps feature the Wilson Combat X-Tac pattern for a non-slip grip in diverse conditions. Furthermore, the EDC X9 3.25″ is designed to fit most holsters made for subcompact 1911s, available with or without an accessory rail.

To complement the EDC X9 3.25″ Subcompact, GunfightersINC presents meticulously crafted holsters that ensure your pistol is not just carried but carried with unmatched accessibility and comfort:

  • Kenai Chest Holster: Ideal for the adventurous spirit, this holster affords your pistol the utmost security and ease of access, whether scaling a mountain or tracking game.
  • Solace IWB Holster: For those who prioritize discretion, the Solace IWB Holster offers a concealable carry without compromising quickdraw capabilities.

With rigorous validation from our cadre of design experts, champion shooters, and industry professionals, the Wilson Combat EDC X9 3.25″ Subcompact is a pinnacle of performance for those who demand nothing less than perfection in their defensive carry pistol.