Custom Wraith IWB Holster

Starts at $50.00

The Wraith IWB holster is the epitome of simplicity, ergonomics, and reliability. The holster is designed to allow for a full, unimpeded grip on the gun so that you can draw quickly and efficiently.

In a high-pressure situation, every second counts. That’s why the holster is designed to allow for a quick, smooth draw. The holster is cut away to provide a full, unrestricted grip on the gun, ensuring that you can draw and respond to a threat as quickly as possible every time.

The belt clip is riveted to the front of the holster for secure placement, and marine-grade friction tape is added to the back for stability. The Kydex shell is molded to fit your specific firearm perfectly, ensuring optimal retention and fit.

The generous sweat shield keeps perspiration away from your weapon while maintaining a low profile for maximum comfort. And with no threaded fasteners, the Wraith IWB Holster is a single, indestructible piece of equipment you can rely on in any situation. Upgrade your carry game with the Wraith IWB holster from GunfightersINC. A mod-wing is included on the appendix carry Wraith to ensure maximum concealment even in light, summer, clothing

The Wraith IWB holster is available for many firearms, including 1911s, Beretta, Browning, CZ, FNH, Glock, H&K, Kimber, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and more.

  • Designed for discreet everyday carry.
  • 10 degree forward cant aids concealment and reduces printing.
  • Fomi clip offers a secure connection with your belt.
  • High cut for excellent retention.
  • Handcrafted in the USA and shipped directly from GunfightersINC.

Please Read Before Placing Your Order

Before placing your order, please note that the custom WRAITH IWB Holster is handmade to order, and returns are not accepted except in the case of a factory mistake or warranty issue. If you receive your holster and are dissatisfied with the product, reach out to our customer service and we will do everything in our power to work with you until you are satisfied. By clicking "ADD TO CART", you confirm your agreement with this condition. Please watch the video to familiarize yourself with the proper setup and use of the WRAITH IWB Holster.

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William Compston - Mar 16, 2019
I have at least 8 holsters from gunfighters [quit counting at 8] and will be buying more. only had one problem. Retention was a little loose on one sent it back and was fixed immediately to my satisfaction. I don't give out five stars easily but if i could i would give five stars for the holsters and 6 stars on how the professionalism of the company.
Leif - Feb 05, 2019
This is the holster you’re looking for. I can hear your thoughts now, “but what if...?” NO. Buy this one. Today. It WILL fit, your gun will NEVER fall out. You can wear it all day, sitting, standing, driving, or any other activity, without feeling like someone is driving a railroad spike into your hip. If you want simple with your pistol, buy this and be happy.
scpaul02 - Feb 02, 2019
Got my holster for my P365 and it is perfect. I am a bigger guy and this holster is a perfect fit. I carry this thing every where and the retention is dead on. This is the 5th holster I have ordered and it will not be my last. Keep up the amazing work and quality.
Scott E. - Dec 29, 2018
Ordered a while ago for a Glock 43 in KUIU Vias camo. Pattern is very nice and over the time of wearing it the pattern has not come off. Great retention and satisfying click when reholstered, but not so snug that it tries to pull your belt off on the draw. I gave 4 stars just because for me this did create a sort of hot spot on my right leg after wearing all day. Not so much so that I wanted to return or couldn’t wear, but definitely noticeable by the end of the day. I kind of wish I would have tried the Solace. Will be ordering one of those for a Sig P365 soon so I’ll know if I was right or not in the near future.
Travis - Dec 11, 2018
Got this holster for my HK VP40. The pistol fits perfect with great retention. I got this holster for appendix carry. Will not be wearing for long periods of time, wanted a holster for my new pistol that I can quickly tuck and go. This is exactly what I wanted. Seems very well made. Will be ordering more holsters in the future.
Jamison - Jun 26, 2018
Got this holster in the Betsy Ross flag for my M&P Compact. I have tried a handful of other IWB holsters for work and everyday, this by far has the best quality and retention.