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The Bino-Link is the most versatile, adaptable, and platform friendly way to mount a kydex holster comfortably to a bino harness. Made specifically with hunters in mind, we wanted to create the ultimate way to carry a pistol on your bino harness. There are currently some options on the market that allow for carrying a kydex holster on a bino harness, but they’re proprietary and only offered for a scant few pistol options. The Tegris adapter plate on each Bino-Link system is built specifically for the bino harness that the holster mounts to, ensuring maximum stability and comfort. Combining that with GFI’s expansive library of pistol offerings means you can start carrying your favorite sidearm on your existing harness today instead of investing in a whole new setup.

The Bino-Link is perfect for modern firearms like the Glock 40 MOS or big bore revolvers like the Ruger Super Redhawk. With the ability to raise or lower the pistol and adjust your cant angle, you’ll have clearance for optics and adjustability for a comfortable draw.

Made with a blend of kydex and ultra-durable Tegris, the Bino-Link is lightweight, comfortable, and, most importantly – built to handle even the toughest environments. You can rest assured that your kydex holster is built by hand to the same exacting standards as our entire lineup and hand-checked with the real firearm for proper retention before shipping out the door. Keep your pistol secured and safe whether you’re beating through brush or post-holing through the snow.

The Bino-Link has you covered when you’re deep in the backcountry and looking to protect yourself without compromising safety or easy access to your sidearm.


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Before placing your order, please note that every custom Bino-Link Holster is handmade to order, and returns are not accepted except in the case of a factory mistake or warranty issue. If you receive your holster and are dissatisfied with the product, reach out to our customer service and we will do everything in our power to work with you until you are satisfied. By clicking "ADD TO CART", you confirm your agreement with this condition. Please watch the video to familiarize yourself with the proper setup and use of the Bino-Link holster.

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Timothy S. - May 09, 2024
If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in the wilderness. This experience instills in you that Mother Nature is quite unpredictable. Preparedness is most critical to survival. Here’s where the Bino Link system comes into play. First let me say that the customer service from Gunfighters[Inc] is above reproach. Absolutely top tier service that is also reflected in the quality of their products. My story begins with placing an order for a complete Gunfighters[Inc] Bino Link System. This kit includes: a Bino Link Interface Plate, Holster, Chicago Screws and LocTite (Blue). I ordered the kit for my KUIU Pro Bino Harness. After several weeks, it arrived at my door. As advertised, the product was very high quality. The holster locked my Glock into place with an absolutely perfect amount of retention. The interface plate is harness specific and fabricated from a durable, lightweight carbon fiber material. All of the hardware required was present and they even tossed in a cool sticker set. Upon assembly of my kit, something just didn’t seem right. While attempting to mount the interface plate to my harness, it just seemed too small. Perplexed, I made a call to Gunfighters[Inc] for support. The phone range once, a service rep answers and I began to explain my situation. He asked me to confirm the model number printed on the interface plate. I responded with, “KU1”. He told me that is the correct plate for the KUIU Pro Bino Harness. After trouble shooting for just a few moments, I questioned if the KU1 plate was compatible with all the sizes of the KUIU Bino Harness. He immediately confirmed my call back number and said he would call me right back. Not 10 minutes had passed and I received a call back. He informed me the KUI plate was designed for the standard size KUIU Pro Bino Harness, and that they were unaware of the different sizes. He informed me not to worry, that he spoke directly to the owner, and they already had ordered an XL KUIU Pro Bino Harness and it was enroute to the shop overnight. He told me they will design, manufacture, test and deliver the new interface plate as fast as possible. In less than a week it was at my door. The day I received a shipping notification is the day it arrived. Must have been overnighted. The new plate fits perfectly to the XL harness. I see they even updated their dropdown menu when ordering for the KUIU Pro Harness to offer the XL option. Absolutely phenomenal customer service; above and beyond my expectations. Until the Bino Link system, l used to carry my sidearm on the hip belt of my pack. This wasn’t ideal when donning/doffing my ruck, scouting, ect. From always having it at my immediate disposal, to accessing it with ease from any position, the configuration and location of my sidearm with the Bino Link system is just better in so many ways. Assembly of the system is beyond simple. Everything you need to put it together is included. Simply mount the holster to the interface plate with the Chicago screws and mount the plate to your harness. The entire process takes less than 10min. Well designed, superbly fabricated and with a customer support that rivals the best in any industry, you can rest assured and buy in confidence.
Henry Enos - Apr 04, 2024
Best houlster ever

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