Glock 17 - SureFire X300U-A Holsters

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Glock 17 - SureFire X300U-A


Glock 17 - SureFire X300U-A

The Glock 17 is a popular semi-automatic handgun known for its reliability, durability, and accuracy. It is chambered in 9mm and has a 17-round capacity. The Glock 17 is widely used by law enforcement, the military, and civilians alike.

When paired with the SureFire X300U-A light, the Glock 17 becomes an even more versatile and capable weapon. The SureFire X300U-A is a high-power weapon light that attaches to the rail of the Glock 17 and provides a bright, white light for target identification. The light is also equipped with a strobe function for disorienting potential threats.

GunfightersINC offers several holsters that fit the Glock 17 with the SureFire X300U-A light attached. These holsters include the Light Bearing Kenai Chest Holster, the Light Bearing Spectre Shoulder Holster, and the Sentinel OWB Holster.

The Light Bearing Kenai Chest Holster is a great option for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting and hiking. It allows for easy access to the firearm while keeping it securely in place against the chest.

The Light Bearing Spectre Shoulder Holster is a great option for those who want to carry their firearm in a comfortable and discreet way.

The Sentinel OWB holster is a minimalist holster that is designed for maximum concealment and comfort, it is perfect for everyday carry or for those who want to carry a larger firearm without sacrificing comfort.

These high-quality holsters are made from top-quality Kydex and are specifically designed to fit the Glock 17 with the SureFire X300U-A light attached.

SureFire X300U-A

SureFire X300U-A

The SureFire X300U-A is a high-powered weapon light that is designed for use on handguns and long guns. It features a powerful, ultra-bright LED that delivers a maximum output of 600 lumens. This makes it suitable for use in low-light and no-light conditions, providing a bright, white light that can reach up to 100 meters. The X300U-A is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and has a hard-anodized, black finish, making it durable and resistant to impact. It also features a user-programmable strobe enable/disable and a TIR lens that focuses the beam for longer reach and peripheral illumination. The X300U-A can be quickly and easily mounted to a handgun or long gun using the included thumbscrew clamp and can be powered by either two 123A batteries or one rechargeable 18650 battery. The switch is ambidextrous and easy to use, making it a great option for both left and right-handed shooters. The main difference between the X300U-A and the X300U-B is that the latter has a universal and rail-specific attachment capability. GunfightersINC makes holsters for light-bearing pistols that are specifically designed to fit the SureFire X300U-A weapon light