The Baba Yaga Ronin

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When John Wick took on the high table, he came to GunfightersINC.

The Baba Yaga cut Ronin OWB Holster was built to Keanu Reeves’s exact specifications for the film.

It’s built in a neutral cant configuration with the battle-cut front shell and a high sweat shield.

The battle cut allows for a faster draw and an easier re-holster under stress.

The Ronin OWB Holster

  • Designed for everyday carry and range usage.
  • 0-degree neutral cant with battle cut
  • Hand-formed Kydex no-slip belt loops.
  • Holster checked with a real firearm to guarantee proper fit and retention
  • Handcrafted in the USA and shipped directly from GunfightersINC.


Mark D. Opper - Jul 22, 2023
Ok I sent you a PM with some details but here goes! Buy it! If you OWB EDC this is the best holster to run. It performs flawlessly and is the most comfortable OWB holster, with a natural draw and plenty of retention to keep you confident wherever you may travel. There are a lot of holsters out there, some good some not so good. Choose wisely, your life may depend on it! Awsome CS both times I ordered(Ronin) first time and still run it all the time. Thank you, Mark O.
Gordon Hulme - Jul 17, 2023
Got my Ronin Baba Yaga model for my CZ97 BD and also the OWB matching dual Magazine pouch. I put it on a five stitch Wilderness Low Profile Belt and took it to my shooting place on a large ranch and tried it out. The Baba Yaga has excellent "snick" retention when holstering and is silent and FAST when you do the draw stroke. It is race holster fast but does not have weird frame work architecture nor minimilist unprotected construction that you would not want to take into the roughest field conditions like "Race Holsters " have . I got Blood red inner holster panels which match my slim Lok Grips. you pull the gun and the "combat cut" and high sweat guard show Blood Red tastefully ! The dual mag pouch contour matches the holster contour for the opposite hip very comfortably with no sliding around . Of course every thing about this special Ronin Holster is superbly crafted. After using Gunfighters Inc. Kenai chest rigs the perfection of design is no surprise. To be honest I also have a Kenai rig for the CZ97 , to match my Glock 20, S&W Mountain Gun and Sig Xten to wear on Motorcycles or 4x4s or horseback or hardscrabble hunting. But if I am called to battle the High Table , or IPSC competition I'll be wearing my Cajun Gun Works 87BD in the Ronin Baba Yaga holster rig.
Richard S. Wright - Jun 11, 2023
I ordered one for my M&P 2.0 metal but this model wasn't an option when I ordered it. The holster was for the regular 2.0 synthetic frame with 4.25" barrel. When it arrived I had an issue with the retention on the trigger guard ( a slight difference between the plastic and metal frame). After calling I was told that they would make me another holster to accommodate the 2.0 Metal frame and that I should expect it within the next week along with a prepaid return shipping container. Two days later I had the holster, perfect fit. Now this is what I call customer service. I have owned more holsters than I can remember over the past 40+ years, this model is one of if not the best outside the waistband holster I have ever owned. HIGHLY RECOMENDED.
Brandon Rickard - Jun 08, 2023
I have tried many holsters and this is the best and my new go to holster. It sits high enough to allow me to carry a full sized Glock 19X. It is very comfortable and secure. I'm going to buy another for my Sig Sauer 226.
Christopher Flanagan - Jun 01, 2023
Purchased this holster for a XDM with some customizations, most were able to be handled excet for the GoPedal (not an issue). Delivery was just outside a month and included some nice additions (stickers and a chocolate, how sweet :) ). Will definitely recommend them to coworkers and colleagues.
Jonathan - May 23, 2023
Phenomenal holster! Honestly I liked the fact it was featured in John Wick and wanted to buy it haha. Seriously though it is a very nice holster. Fit and finish are exceptional. I like the functionality of it's style too. My only complaint is that if you order the set up which includes the drop thigh panel with Malice clips, there is some side to side sliding between the panel loops. Overall not a deal breaker and you can still draw very efficiently. Plus as a Veteran I was given a very generous discount, you just gotta ask! Very satisfied with this purchase and should I need another holster in the future, Gunfighters will be my go to company!

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