Ready to Ship Kenai Gen 2 Chest Holster

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Starts at $150

These holsters are in stock and are guaranteed to ship within 3 business days of ordering. While not offering the customization options that a Custom Kenai Chest Holster offers, for our customers who aren’t picky and want their holster fast this is a great option.

This is the Generation 2 Kenai Chest Holster. Generation 2 Kenai’s differ from Gen 1 in a few key areas-

  • Gen 2 holsters feature a front to back off-set of ~60% front – 40% back. This makes for a flatter and more comfortable profile, particularly on thicker firearms.
  • Rather than being pressed around a firearm replica, Gen 2 Kenai’s are Vacuum Formed around our own custom CNC molds. This enables us to fit a wider amount of model variances and make for a more precisely fitting holster. This also enables us to make the overall size of the holster smaller.
  • The use of CNC also allows us to further control the aesthetics of the holster and makes for even cleaner lines that match that of the firearm. It also allows for the addition less bulky channels for sights, magazine releases and slide stops.

3 reviews for Ready to Ship Kenai Gen 2 Chest Holster

  1. Robin Robyns

    No Raging Bull, no FN 5.7 , no Desert Eagle 50ae, all the stuff I backpack with, I’ll wait hopefully,

  2. Randy

    Any anticipation for a release fitting a shield 9mm? I understand it’s available in the original but the bonus for the gen 2 sound better for what I’m looking for.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ron Parrish

    I hike and mountain bike with a fanny pack and a hydration pack, so I was looking for something that would not interfere with those. The chest holster works great for me. I have worn the Kenai-2 both hiking and mountain biking and do not even notice it. The weapon is a 4.2in, .357 mag revolver. I even had a little fall mountain biking and the revolver stayed secure. I am in the process of getting a CCW permit so I can throw a jacket over it in inclement weather.

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Learn more about the Kenai Chest Holster here. The Kenai Chest Holster is Kydex Chest Holster designed for hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking and more in mind.