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THIS IS THE KYDEX SHELL ONLY! NO STRAPS! Ships in 3-6 business days

This is for customers that would like to add holsters to their current Kenai setup.

The Kenai Chest Holster was designed as the ultimate way to carry a firearm when hiking, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity.

We settled on a blend of Kydex and Nylon for excellent retention characteristics, weatherproofness and light weight. The Kenai Chest Holster is a perfect pairing with a modern firearm such as the Glock 40MOS or a classic big bore revolver such as the Ruger Super Redhawk.

No mater what you’re doing in the backcountry, the placement of the firearm on your chest helps you to be a hard target anywhere, without compromising on choice of firearm. You can carry as big of a firearm as you’d like with maximum comfort. The centered position on the chest allows for a quick draw from any position, even when wearing bulky winter clothing or seated in a vehicle.


Robert starr - Dec 31, 2022
I have two chest holsters and love them both one's for my XD MOD 2 service 45 and the other is for my Glock 20
Joe Glass - Nov 25, 2022
I've worn my Glock 17 and 45 on my chest rig on my post. Easy access and comfortable. My order now is for my "EDC".
Kyle Curry - Feb 01, 2022
Just received my holster for my glock 17. Very very comfortable and can’t even tell I have it on. Will most definitely be buying additional shells in the future for my other guns. Very great service and quick to get it. Thank you all so much for a great product.
Steven Mattfeld - Jan 21, 2022
I've got two of these, very comfortable especially when seated. Rode cross country with it no issues
Kertz, Kevin - Dec 15, 2021
Great system! Very versatile! Very comfortable! The versatility to purchase a second, third, fourth…I think you get my drift. Ready to order an additional shell!
Sheldon Smith - Dec 07, 2021
Picked one up for my Ruger .44 Alaskan. Perfect fit and compact. Hardly know it’s there!! There is no other chest holster for me!!

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