Ready to Ship Additional Shell for Kenai

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Starts at $85

THIS IS THE KYDEX SHELL ONLY! NO STRAPS! Ships in 3-6 business days

This is for customers that would like to add holsters to their current Kenai setup.

The Kenai Chest Holster was designed as the ultimate way to carry a firearm when hiking, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity.

We settled on a blend of Kydex and Nylon for excellent retention characteristics, weatherproofness and light weight. The Kenai Chest Holster is a perfect pairing with a modern firearm such as the Glock 40MOS or a classic big bore revolver such as the Ruger Super Redhawk.

No mater what you’re doing in the backcountry, the placement of the firearm on your chest helps you to be a hard target anywhere, without compromising on choice of firearm. You can carry as big of a firearm as you’d like with maximum comfort. The centered position on the chest allows for a quick draw from any position, even when wearing bulky winter clothing or seated in a vehicle.

8 reviews for Ready to Ship Additional Shell for Kenai

  1. Ken Mey

    Purchased the chest holster to carry a Glock 17. Very pleased with quality and comfort. Great customer service.

  2. Bullhorn

    Picked up several of these additional shells for a select few of my handguns so I have many options from plinking or squirrel hunting with a Ruger .22 mark lll to bear and boar protection with a .357 magnum. Love the chest rig for several practical reasons as an outdoorsman/American 🇺🇸

  3. Codger

    My first shell is for a 1911. I can hike all day and almost forget I have the
    firearm with me. I’ll purchase additional shells in the future.

  4. James Wright, Jr.

    I have purchased my 2nd and 3rd Kenai Alaskan holster system. My buddy had a Diamond D, well made but I wanted an all weather no maintenance system to hunt, hike, ride ATV or my tractor with. This system is perfect, has excellent retention and very easy drawing. Don’t scrimp, buy a superior American Veteran produced product.

  5. Joe

    Best holster for the trail I’ve ever had… a must have for the outdoorsman.

  6. Kenny Bottoms

    Got 1 for the 1911… now I HAVE got to get 1 for my glock 40 10mm.. and my XD and my Walther !! Only problem is I have to many guns hahaha!! Great product!! Customer service is excellent!!! I guess you can say I’m a life member!!!

  7. Dave Newman

    I purchased the Kenai Holster system for my Taurus Tracker 357 mag. 4” barrel. Used it this year hunting Ek and Deer in Idaho. I absolutely love it! Very comfortable to wear all day. Also very easy access putting my Vortex bino harness over the top.

    I recommend this to any outdoors person seeking convince, comfort, all weather holster for fishing, hunting, ATV & UTV trails.

  8. Bob Pirog

    Just pick up my Kenai holster for my heavy .44 mag (629) 6 5″.
    Holds the revolver perfectly.
    What a Great Product.
    Will always buy a USA veterans product.

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Learn more about the Kenai Chest Holster here. The Kenai Chest Holster is Kydex Chest Holster designed for hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking and more in mind.