MAGPUL DAKA Single Pistol Case


Expanding on the flexibility of the DAKA series, the DAKA Single Pistol Case provides a sturdy and discreet protective casing that can be used to store or transport various pistol models.

With its compact and streamlined design, the DAKA Single Pistol Case is ideally suited for placement within larger hard cases, vehicle transport, or storage within gun safes. Its snag-resistant internal EVA foam liner enhances protection and safeguards against potential damage.

Crafted from resilient DAKA material, this product features a water-resistant YKK® AquaGuard® zipper, a 550 paracord zipper pull, and a pull-tab that doubles as a carabiner pass-through. These features combine to make the DAKA Single Pistol Case tough, waterproof, and the perfect storage option for your pistol and more.

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