Custom Solace IWB Holster

Starts at $90.00

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Traditional Hybrid IWB holsters are cumbersome, hard to put on and offer terrible retention characteristics in exchange for a little comfort. In 2014 GunfightersINC took the hybrid IWB and redesigned it from the ground up with all those shortcomings in mind.

The need for a massive piece of leather is eliminated by moving the 2 outboard clips to a single FOMI clip centered on the front shell and a small piece of premium 12 OZ drum died cow hide makes up the inner shell.

This makes the holster a third the size of a traditional hybrid which makes the holster much easier to take on/off and FAR more comfortable.

The retention issue is addressed by adding a inner retention tab so the trigger guard is fully encased in kydex, you get that OWB “snap in” retention with the comfort a hybrid brings to the table.

The first Solace was built back in 2014 and has been imitated throughout the industry, but rest assured not only did we do it first, but we continue to do it better.

Carry your pistol in ultimate comfort with the Solace IWB Holster. Our zero-compromise philosophy ensures that every aspect of the Solace is of the highest quality and unparalleled in the market.

  • A truly custom Hybrid IWB. Each shell is molded to the exact pistol it’s designed to carry.
  • Each leather backer is hand trimmed and finished to perfectly match the holsters’ contours perfectly.
  • Ships in 4-6 weeks.
  • Handmade by GunfightersINC in North Idaho, U.S.A. and backed up by a no BS lifetime warranty.




Randy D - Aug 25, 2022
I received my holster and it fits my Sig Sauer P239 perfectly. I had another Kydex holster for it, which is now in my trash bin. Thanks for a great product.
R Hope - Nov 25, 2021
I am a law enforcement officer. That’s only pertinent because I carry a firearm every day. I’ve spent a small fortune on holsters over the years trying to ring a holster that keeps my weapon secure, reduces print, and is comfortable after hours of wear. The Solace meets all of these criteria admirably. The holster stays put inside the waistband, and keeps tight to the body eliminating print with a Glock 19 or 26. Maybe most important, the Solace is comfortable. The leather backing eliminates body contact with the kydex, which is something that makes a difference when wearing it for hours. It is comfortable and stays put whether you’re driving, sitting at a desk, walking around, or jumping a fence. I own a Solace for every handgun I own. They are worth every penny!
Philip H - Oct 01, 2021
Best IWB holster I've ever worn, and I've worn a lot. Great retention and a "click" is a reassuring sound when holstering. The leather is high enough to cover the thumb safety on my sig 938.
Damion Ripley - Apr 01, 2021
Best iwb holster hands down! Super comfortable getting ready to order a second one for the wife
Kevin Rock - Jun 14, 2020
This is a unique design that gives you the retention of kydex and the comfort of leather against your body. Just got it, but I love it so far. I’m very happy with the purchase. Thanks for the great holster guys.
scpaul02 - May 13, 2019
I already have a Wraith IWB Holster and decided to try the Solace and WOW what a difference. The Wraith is great, but the Solace is so soft against my skin I can wear this doing anything and not feel the rubbing against my skin. This is a must buy for anyone wearing concealed while wearing a t-shirt. Will be buying another for my Shield.

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