Custom Light Bearing Kenai Chest Holster Additional Shell (NO HARNESS)

Starts at $115.00


All Holsters come ready for Optics, Threaded barrels, and Extended controls.

We’ll have more gun/light combinations coming soon.



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The Kenai Chest Holster was designed as the ultimate way to carry a firearm when hiking, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity.

We have designed our own molds to provide the best retention and readiness for your pistol equipped with a tactical light.

We settled on a blend of Kydex and Nylon for excellent retention characteristics, weatherproof and light weight. The Kenai Chest Holster is a perfect pairing with a modern firearm such as the Glock 20 and 40MOS or with a TLR-1 or X300 UA or UB.

No mater what you’re doing in the backcountry, the placement of the firearm on your chest helps you to be a hard target anywhere, without compromising on choice of firearm. You can carry as big of a firearm as you’d like with maximum comfort. The centered position on the chest allows for a quick draw from any position, even when wearing bulky winter clothing or seated in a vehicle.

Learn more about the Kenai Chest Holster here.
The Custom Light Kenai is available for the following Firearms and lights:


CZ P-10C w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

CZ P-10C w/TLR-7a

CZ P-10C w/TLR-7

CZ P-10C w/TLR-8a

CZ P-10C w/TLR-8

CZ P-10C w/X300 UA

CZ P-10C w/X300 UB

CZ P-10C w/Olight PL 2 Valkyrie

CZ P-10C w/Olight PL Mini Valkyrie

CZ P-10F  w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

CZ P-10F  w/TLR-7a

CZ P-10F  w/TLR-7

CZ P-10F  w/TLR-8a

CZ P-10F  w/TLR-8

CZ P-10F w/X300 UA

FN Herstal FNX:

FNX 45 Tactical w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

FNX 45 Tactical w/TLR-7a

FNX 45 Tactical w/TLR-7

FNX 45 Tactical w/TLR-8a

FNX 45 Tactical w/TLR8

FNX 45 Tactical w/X300 UA

FNX 45 Tactical w/X300 UB

FNX 45 Tactical w/Olight PL 2 Valkyrie

FNX 45 Tactical w/Olight PL Mini Valkyrie

GLOCK:17/22/31 w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

17/22/31 w/TLR-7a

17/22/31 w/TLR-7

17/22/31 w/TLR-8a

17/22/31 w/TLR-8

17/22/31 w/X300 UA

17/22/31 w/X300 UB

17/22/31 w/Olight PL 2 Valkyrie

17/22/31 w/Olight PL Mini Valkyrie

19/23/32/44 w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

19/23/32/44 w/TLR-7a

19/23/32/44 w/TLR-7

19/23/32/44 w/TLR-8a

19/23/32/44 w/TLR-8

19/23/32/44 w/X300 UA

19/23/32/44 w/X300 UB

19/23/32/44 w/Olight PL 2 Valkyrie

19/23/32/44 w/Olight PL Mini Valkyrie

20/21 w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

20/21 w/TLR-7a

20/21 w/TLR-7

20/21 w/TLR-8a

20/21 w/TLR-8

20/21 w/X300 UA

20/21 w/X300 UB

20/21 w/Olight PL 2 Valkyrie

20/21 w/Olight PL Mini Valkyrie

40 (10mm) w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

40 (10mm) w/TLR-7a

40 (10mm) w/TLR-7

40 (10mm) w/TLR-8a

40 (10mm) w/TLR-8

40 (10mm) w/X300 UA

40 (10mm) w/X300 UB

40 (10mm) w/Olight PL 2 Valkyrie

40 (10mm) w/Olight PL Mini Valkyrie

SIG Sauer:

SIG 1911 5″ w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

SIG 1911 5″ w/Olight PL 2 Valkyrie

SIG 1911 5″ w/Olight PL Mini Valkyrie

SIG P-320 Compact w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

SIG P-320 Compact w/TLR-7a

SIG P-320 Compact w/TLR-7

SIG P-320 Compact w/TLR-8a

SIG P-320 Compact w/TLR-8

SIG P-320 Compact w/X300 UA

SIG P-320 Compact w/X300 UB

SIG P-320 Compact w/Olight PL 2 Valkyrie

SIG P-320 Compact w/Olight PL Mini Valkyrie

SIG P-320 Fullsize w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

Springfield Armory

Springfield XDm 4.5″ w/TLR-1 (fits HL)

Springfield XDm 4.5″ w/TLR-7a

Springfield XDm 4.5″ w/TLR-7

Springfield XDm 4.5″ w/TLR-8a

Springfield XDm 4.5″ w/TLR-8

Springfield XDm 4.5″ w/X300 UA

Springfield XDm 4.5″ w/X300 UB

Springfield XDm 4.5″ w/Olight PL 2 Valkyrie

Springfield XDm 4.5″ w/Olight PL Mini Valkyrie