Design a Custom Kenai Chest Holster

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Looking for a Kenai holster for a pistol with a light? Check out the Custom Kenai Light Bearing Chest Holster.

The Kenai Chest Holster was designed as the ultimate way to carry a firearm when hiking, hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activity.

We settled on a blend of Kydex and Nylon for excellent retention characteristics, weatherproofing, and lightweight. The Kenai Chest Holster is a perfect pairing with a modern firearm such as the Glock 40MOS or a classic big bore revolver such as the Ruger Super Redhawk.

No matter what you’re doing in the backcountry, the placement of the firearm on your chest helps you be a hard target anywhere without compromising your choice of firearm. You can carry as big of a firearm as possible with maximum comfort. The centered position on the chest allows for a quick draw from any position, even when wearing bulky winter clothing or seated in a vehicle.


Matt - Mar 09, 2023
Matt here. Can I just WOW! This is the chest rig you want! Just received today and I am extremely impressed with the quality of this chest rig setup. I have this setup in camo print Kryptek Altitude with a Springfield 4.5" 10mm with an Olight PL Mini 2 Valkyrie and it fits like a glove...and it's is absolutely stunning! No rough edges, completely smooth all the way around. It feels super comfortable as I am wearing it around my house all day. If you have done your homework then your will soon realize that a chest rig is the best choice to have on you at ALL times when going anywhere in the woods or wilderness. Bears can attack without warning from the bush and pin you down in a split second...making a rifle unusable. Just research the many bear attacks of the sort. Out of all the bear attacks I researched, no one had a simple chest rig like this to utilize which I believe would have saved their life. Now, probably a better option for your chest rig would be a S&W .500 mag revolver however it only holds 5 shots, and the 10mm has been proven to take down most large North American animals. So my Springfield has 16 rounds of 10mm and I carry at least 3 extra mags for BEARS BEWARE :) Thank you Gunfighters Inc for providing literally the best product out there for this purpose. Get one while you can!
Patrick - Mar 01, 2023
One of the best custom holster designs I've seen in a long time!I know it's gonna do me righteous in the field. I appreciate attention to detail!
Jean pierre vazquez morales - Jan 31, 2023
Wow the best holster ever comfty,beautiful and quality at other level the costumer service excellent and great price and great shipping time too God Bless All and thanks
Gus Cruz - Jan 04, 2023
To all the team members of Gunfighters INC, THANK YOU for a outstanding product!! I received my chest holster and right out of the bag it fit me perfectly, No Adjustments Needed!!! But the big question remained will my gun fit the holster as I have order it?? My Smith & Wesson 10mm also fit PERFECTLY!!! This is the best combo holster I have ever had. Thank you again for a outstanding product! Gus Cruz retired weapons hog!
Carl Blom - Dec 31, 2022
I’m so glad I found your site. The custom holster you made for me is excellent the revolver fits nice and snug but no so snug that it is hard to draw. The fit is excellent and comfortable for extended wear (12 hours) as soon as you realize which hole your head goes through and adjust the straps. The four to six week lead time was misleading I was so surprised when I found it in the mailbox after ten days. I will be back for more.
Mark Sullivan - Nov 25, 2022
I have three chest holsters already and am now buying a fourth. I believe in them.

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