Design a Custom Kenai Chest Holster

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Looking for a Kenai holster for a pistol with a light? Check out the Custom Kenai Light Bearing Chest Holster.

The Kenai Chest Holster was designed as the ultimate way to carry a firearm when hiking, hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activity.

We settled on a blend of Kydex and Nylon for excellent retention characteristics, weatherproofing, and lightweight. The Kenai Chest Holster is a perfect pairing with a modern firearm such as the Glock 40MOS or a classic big bore revolver such as the Ruger Super Redhawk.

No matter what you’re doing in the backcountry, the placement of the firearm on your chest helps you be a hard target anywhere without compromising your choice of firearm. You can carry as big of a firearm as possible with maximum comfort. The centered position on the chest allows for a quick draw from any position, even when wearing bulky winter clothing or seated in a vehicle.


Lee - Sep 04, 2023
I have one of these for my Glock 19 and it really works well and it’s easily hid under even a light jacket. Since I use it on my motorcycle trips I’ve decided that a left hand pull would be better for my Glock 20, gen 5 since my right hand is on the throttle. This should work well!
Gary Boukather - Sep 03, 2023
Bought a Kenai chest holster for my Taurus Raging Hunter 5.1-inch 357 magnum. Fits great gives you room to carry your weapon and ride my 4-wheeler in the desert. Since I have the harness looking at a holster for a Sig X-Ten
Aidan Wynn - Aug 31, 2023
These guys never fail. Had a lot of trouble finding a holster for a Girsan Regard MC with a red dot. First I ordered an otw and it was perfect. I really liked the Kanai Chest rig so I ordered that shortly after. These guys hit it outside the park again. I won’t order from anyone else, ever.
Joshua R Lonac - Aug 15, 2023
Ordered one harness and two shells, with extra ammo carriers for each. One GP100 7 shot 6", one G17 with a TLR1. I ride a quad while running my dogs every night. This is the easiest rig to put on in all seasons, all weather. Comfortable and secure. I'm ordering more shells!
John - Aug 13, 2023
Ordered for my G20 Gen4 with Streamlight TRL-1 HL. Looks Great and extremely comfortable. I would recommend this company and custom holster to anyone.
Thomas Temrowski - Aug 04, 2023
thank you

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