Custom CAS/C5S IWB Holster

Starts at $60

  • Fomi clip offers a secure connection with your belt and easy removal of the holster.
  • Minimalist design enhances comfort.
  • Hybrid Holster/Mag Pouch combination allows you to have extra rounds at the ready.
  • Don’t see your firearm listed? Please contact us and we might be able to accommodate you. 


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The current market trends show an overwhelming push towards lightweight, highly concealable single stack pistols. These pistols are easy to carry and with the right holster, are barely noticeable under a wide array of cover garments. The major trade-off with a single stack 9mm is capacity. Even with a +1 or +2 baseplate, you are still sitting at half the round count of a double stack pistol such as a Glock 19. While it is certainly an option to carry magazines in pockets or in a separate pouch, we wanted to offer a system that would allow you to have a spare magazine at the ready in a streamlined low-profile system. Thus the CAS IWB Holster – which stands for Covert Appendix System. Also available in the C5S variant for strongside carry.

We designed the CAS IWB Holster to carry your firearm vertically for easy concealment and comfort when the firearm is located in the appendix position and your magazine at 30° angle for the fastest and most natural draw possible. The rounds are set to face toward the firearm to enhance quick reloads.

We hand contour the holster to have a steep curve that pulls the firearm and magazine into the body to reduce printing and aid concealment.


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Weight 6 oz