Additional Mag Pouch for Spectre Shoulder Holster

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  • Mag Pouch Only! Does not include harness
  • Works with existing Spectre Shoulder Holster
  • The Spectre is designed to be a modernized shoulder holster, designed for all day concealment.
  • Webbing and buckles come in black only.
  • Modular System allows you to choose your setup appropriate to your situation.
  • Handmade by GunfightersINC in the USA using 100% US made materials
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With the surge of concealed carry, we decided that it was time to take a look backwards and revisit some timeless styles and designs to see if we could update them in modern materials and construction techniques. A shoulder holster once was the defacto method of concealed carry. Everyone from movie spies to everyday people carried their guns in a shoulder rig.

And yet the shoulder holster seemingly has fallen out of favor in recent years. Perhaps it’s due to the advent of new materials such as Kydex and new carry styles such as Appendix IWB. Perhaps it’s because most of shoulder holsters on market are made as cheaply as possible, with little attention to the important details. Just another piece of poorly constructed nylon destined to be forgotten in a drawer somewhere. For the longest time shoulder holsters were hamstrung by inferior retention systems, poorly thought out harnesses and bad finish details.

But at GunfightersINC, we hope to change the trend of poor fit and bad materials. We’ve taken the shoulder holster back to the drawing board and fully re-engineered it to viable option for modern concealed carry techniques.

The Spectre Shoulder Holster is designed to be the deep concealment companion to the Kenai Chest Holster. After tons of feedback from customers that have loved the Kenai and want a deep concealment option, we built the Spectre to meet the demand.

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Weight 10 oz