Rifle Magazine Pouch

A standalone mag pouch system for 3-gun, competitive, tactical or recreational shooters. You’ll always have a spare magazine at the ready, for no matter what you’re doing.

Malice Clips are hard riveted to allow the flexibility to run the Mag Pouch on everything from a standard belt to MOLLE/PALs webbing gear.

We aim for a mag pouch that is comfortable enough to wear all day, and conceals well enough to greatly reduce the risk of printing, provided an appropriate cover garment is worn. This is accomplished through careful shaping and molding to make the mag pouch perfectly set up for the size, shape and style of magazine. We also feature flared magazine wells that allow for quick and positive magazine replacement.

Purchase Options:

Custom Magazine Pouches

Starts at $45.00

These holsters are fully custom, made to order. If you want to control every aspect of your holster setup or have a less common firearm, this is the place to look.

All Pistol Magazines are Rounds forward. All Rifle Magazines are rounds rear.

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At GunfightersINC we know that reloading your weapon under stress is one of the most demanding situations you can be in. We designed our mag pouches to perform  in that environment, where milliseconds count and you don’t get a second chance to get it right. The Ronin embodies Gunfighters’ core objectives of simplicity, ergonomics and reliability in every way possible.

The more magazine surface your hand has contact with the easier it is to insert into the gun. With this in mind we take a minimalist approach in regards to retained area covered ensuring the shooter has the most amount of magazine area possible to get a good grip on the mag the first time, eliminating the need to re-grip mid-reload.

Each mag pouch we build has the magazine retention painstakingly set by hand, using a REAL pistol mag, loaded to it’s maximum capacity. This ensures your mags stay in the pouch under all conditions, yet have enough give to easily and smoothly come free when you need them.

Belt loops are hard riveted and hand contoured for maximum comfort and and there are no threaded fasteners to work loose and fall out. The end result is a single, indestructible piece of equipment you can bet your life on,…we do.