Spectre Shoulder Holster


With the surge of concealed carry, we decided that it was time to take a look backwards and revisit some timeless styles and designs to see if we could update them in modern materials and construction techniques. A shoulder holster once was the defacto method of concealed carry. Everyone from movie heros to everyday people carried their guns in a shoulder rig. 

And yet the shoulder holster seemingly has fallen out of favor in recent years. Perhaps it's due to the advent of new materials such as Kydex and new carry styles such as Appendix IWB. Perhaps it's because most of shoulder holsters on market are made as cheaply as possible, with little attention to the important details. Just another piece of poorly constructed nylon destined to be forgotten in a drawer somewhere. For the longest time shoulder holsters were hamstrung by inferior retention systems, poorly thought out harnesses and bad finish details.

But at GunfightersINC, we hope to change the trend of poor fit and bad materials. We've taken the shoulder holster back to the drawing board and fully re-engineered it to be a viable option for modern concealed carry techniques.


We designed the Spectre Shoulder Holster to carry your firearm at a 30° angle for the fastest and most efficient draw possible from a shoulder holster. We have been extremely dissatisfied with typical shoulder holster designs on the market - most either orient the holster either horizontally or vertically, making for unnatural angles to draw and reholster.

We also wanted to reduce issues of both printing and flagging that traditional shoulder holsters present. Having the firearm carried perpendicular with body creates the least natural angles for the lines of the gun to flow with the body, creating very obvious shapes printed through cover garments. By running the firearm at an angle, we are able to take advantage of natural curvature and musculature of the body resulting in maximum concealment.


Anyone who has spent extended periods driving a vehicle or sitting at a desk while wearing a traditional OWB or IWB holster know that it's a recipe for discomfort. To compound the issue for right handed shooters, the seat belt buckle is often exactly where your gun is, making a smooth draw near impossible. For some, anatomic issues or past injuries make belt carry undesirable or even dangerous.

Not everyone wants to carry a gun on their hip. We are excited to offer something that pulls the shoulder holster into this century. 

Each component of the Spectre Holster is attached by dual pivot points that allow maximal freedom of movement. These pivots can rotate up to 135° to accommodate all body types and shapes.
All holster parts are attached via 4-ply elastic for managed stretch when you need it.
The 100% US sewn/sourced harness is 4-way adjustable to tailor fit to your individual body type and shape. We make it inhouse at GunfightersINC for maximum quality control.
A simple belt attachment system can be easily adjusted for different heights or not used if you prefer.
All edges are contoured, rounded and buffed keep the holster from snagging. All lines smoothly flow from one to another to prevent corners that poke or jab.
Change the firearm you're carrying with the click of 2 buttons.
The Spectre comes standard with a Single Mag Pouch...
... however, with the click of 2 buttons, you have many more options, such as this Double Mag Pouch.
...For those that wish to be quiet... a suppressor..
...or for the truly bad M'fer, an option to dual-wield your pistols.

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