Micro-Aggression Panel

The Micro Aggression Panel was designed for anyone who wants to get their firearm off the hip yet keep it in a familiar and natural draw position.

This 100% US made nylon panel is designed to move your holster off your belt away from objects at your midline, like body armor, pouches or a backpack hip-belt. Or in inclement weather, allow your firearm to be accessible even with a snug jacket hem. The lowered position makes for a quick draw and by running the pistol on a panel it helps distribute the weight off your hip.

Unlike many traditional drop rigs, the Micro Aggression panel sits much higher on the thigh to prevent traditional issues with drop rigs, such as floppy holster syndrome. It's also much smaller, because it's really silly to have a massive panel attached to your leg simply to attach a relatively small single pistol holster. Additionally, to prevent floppy holster syndrome, the panel is stiffened with a dense foam and backed with a no slip hypalon panel.

2 rows of custom spec webbing allows virtually any MOLLE or PALs compatible items to be attached, in addition to any of our holsters with Malice clips attached. Wider spacing between bartacks allows easier attachment of our Kydex holsters. Total panel size is 4” tall by 6 ¾” wide.

The stiffened 1" dual belt loops are attached with a Velcro closure, allowing the Micro Aggression panel to be attached to just about anything, including MOLLE/PALs battlebelts, standard belts, backpack hip belts or whatever else you'd like to get off your hip.

Speaking of straps, the thigh strap is 1.5" gripper webbing with an elastic stretch panel. Once you have your strap dialed, you can rotate it into the tunnel on the rig keeping it out of the way. Since the strap is "floating" and stretches, it greatly eliminates issues rubbing and chafing issues traditionally associated with .

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