Why GunfightersINC?

Unique Designs

GunfightersINC strives to be an innovator in the Kydex market. We are dissatisfied with the status quo - and constantly think about applications where currently the ability to carry a firearm is difficult. Our Kenai Chest Holster was in response to the lack of a good option for carrying while backpacking, our Spectre Shoulder Holster was based on requests from undercover Law Enforcement.

Refined Products

We custom build our own molds utilizing the latest advancements in CAD and CNC. From the very start of the holster build process we are able to account for the unique shape that each firearm has and ensure consistent fit. This allows us to have perfect tolerances on every holster we build, guaranteeing excellent fit.

But a holster shouldn't just be functional - it should compliment the looks of your firearm. We painstakingly hand cut and shape every holster to have contours, lines and curves that match the lines of your firearm, meaning that not only you have one of the best fitting holsters - but also one of the best looking.

Limitless Customization

Our catalog of available firearms is large and our holsters are available in hundreds of possible colors, camo patterns and finish combinations.

Additionally, to compliment our large selection of Firearms, our Holsters are available for all popular lights from Streamlight, Surefire and Inforce plus can be ordered with a cutout for Mini Red Dot Sights. This allows you to use popular optics such as the Trijicon RMR, Aimpoint T1, Leupold Deltapoint and many others.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our product 100% - should you ever break or damage one of our holsters we will replace or repair no questions asked. Have the confidence that you not only have one of the best looking and performing holsters on the market but that should something go wrong - you'll get taken care of.

Our Products:

Kenai Chest Holster

Ronin OWB Holster

Wraith IWB Holster

CAS/C5S IWB Holster

Rifle Magazine Pouches

Spectre Shoulder Holster

Micro-Aggression Panel