EDL Belt

The Ultimate Gun Belt

A belt to match the quality and consistency you have come to from GunfightersINC. EDL = Everday Leather Belt designed for daily carry.

We designed this belt to have torsional rigidness to evenly support the weight of firearm across the illaic crest of the hips. This helps prevent low back pain and the tendancy for pants/hips to lean in the direction of the firearm. On the other hand, we wanted a fair bit of longitudinal suppleness in the belt. This makes the belt feel less like an iron girder. Some belts on the market have an extremely stiff flex in both directions which are great for range use but for daily wear are uncomfortable.

High Quality Construction

We partnered with Lee Mclean Saddlery for our manufacturing. This belts are made just down the valley from us here in North Central Washington. We chose our relationship with Lee Mclean due to the quality of his workmanship and his attention to detail. You can be assured that the same quality standards that we hold on our Kydex gear is applied to Lee's leather products as well.

This belt features 2 layers of premium US sourced leathers, hand finished edges and premium Stainless hardware.

The belt starts with a dense fiber veg tan backer to provide the needed rigidity and durability of a belt that will be worn daily. The backer is then hand snuffed to provide a semi-suede surface. This helps prevent migration of the belt and holster on your pants. It also increases abrasion resistance for a long life of the belt. The front layer of leather is hot-dipped in a proprietary mixture of oils and wax for weather resistant, long lasting finish.

These belts should last a lifetime and perform beyond your expectations. And as with all GunfightersINC products, we've got your back. Should you have an issue related to materials or workmanship we will replace or repair no questions asked.

The EDL Belt was designed to work with GunfightersINC Ronin and Wraith holsters. It will also work well with any other leather, kydex or hybrid holster on the market. This belt is thin enough to thread easily through belt loops on most holsters and yet between the combination of leathers and the semi-suede back, is very secure once the buckle is clasped.